Dakota finds a new home!


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Aww, great job Tx!! Didn't know you had taken in Dakota - he's one handsome studmuffin!! Here's hoping he has a great life in his new home - and kudos to you for helping out yet another pup in need!! Job well done!!:dogtongue2:


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Thanks Jackie. ^^
Lol, I warned my coworker how much he ate--the prime reason why I was giving him up. He eats like a horse and I just didn't have the time or money for him. Plus I'm still wanting another BC or Lacy or Brittany or......lol, and I definitely don't have time for four dogs.
Anyway, just yesterday at work she was telling me that she had to pick up dog food, and, "We could've gone at least another week on food if we were just feeding the little dogs!" I warned her! Lol, but they love him. He sleeps at the end of their bed. He's looooving it. Getting spoiled rotten so he's happy. Definitely a good fit!


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So glad to here Dakota has a great home and is doing well! I know the feeling of rehoming dogs...sad to say good bye, happy they have a great home and relief that the right home was found.