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Discussion in 'Dog Tricks' started by mydogcansneeze, Nov 8, 2008.

  1. mydogcansneeze New Member

    Hey! I am a dog owner of 6 years and my dog already knows they basic stuff, sitting, staying, healing, that kind of thing. I have also taught her how to sneeze o command, climb up playscape ladders, and go down slides. She is kind of hard to teach, but I can get her to do pretty much anything if I work with her. Have any new tricks you think might be good for her?:dogbiggrin:Thanks!

  2. tx_cowgirl Honored Member

    Check the past monthly challenges for extra ideas, but also I recommend the book "101 Dog Tricks" by Kyra Sundance and Chaucy. Look up Silvia Trkman's vids on YouTube also( are some more:

    -Heel backwards
    -Weave between legs(forward and backward)
    -object discrimination
    -Long distance stays(from sit, down, and stay)
    -Commands at a distance
    -Off-leash work
    -Advanced distractions
    -Targetting(which you can easily apply to a wide variety of different commands)
    -Retrieving certain household objects(keys, remote, phone)
    -Getting a tissue
    -Speak(both loud and quiet)
    -Pack your bags! (run to an unzipped suitcase, jump in, and lay down so that it is closed)
    -Lifting certain legs

    For some reason I'm braindead right now....I've got a million ideas milling around up there somewhere but I think that part of the brain is sleeping. Look for similar posts in this forum and others, and you should get many ideas. The possibilities are endless. One of mine knows 40 commands and counting, and a friend of mine has a Shiba Inu who knows 50 and counting. Get creative and just see what you can come up with!
  3. bellapup Well-Known Member

    Ooh...awesome list, Tx. I've been wondering myself what else I could start teaching Bella. I know there's tons out there, so hopefully a list might help me out. :)
  4. Jean Cote Administrator

    From the 101 Dog Tricks book:

    1. Bare teeth (be a wolf, or what do sharks look like?)

    2. Bark

    3. Bark silently (whisper)

    4. Beg

    5. Toss a toy in the air

    6. Bow

    7. Circle around me

    8. Cock your head to one side

    9. Crawl

    10. Did you wash your hands? (dog sits up in beg position but shows pads)

    11. Dig

    12. Fan the flames (two paws)

    13. Cover your eyes

    14. Gimme four (realistic version of gimme five)

    15. Growl

    16. Kiss

    17. Let go of rope

    18. Nod your head

    19. Nose touch to hand

    20. Nose touch to other objects (naming objects or just pointing)

    21. Play dead

    22. Prewash dishes for dishwasher (just wanted to see if you were paying attention)

    23. Push things with paw (like doors, drawers)

    24. Put paws on a person's shoulders

    25. Ring bell by pulling string

    26. Ring bell with nose

    27. Ring bell with paw

    28. Roll over

    29. Rub muzzle on floor

    30. Shake hands

    31. Shake your head

    32. Shake yourself

    33. Sit on couch with front feet on ground

    34. Stand up on rear legs (sooooo big!)

    35. Speak

    36. Speak LOUDLY!

    37. Speak SOFTLY!

    38. Spin

    39. Wag tail

    40. Walk backward

    41. Wave

    42. Sneeze

    43. Where's your tail?

    44. Whimper

    45. Yawn

    46. Balance treat on nose, then toss it up in the air and catch it

    47. Carry purse or other bag

    48. Fetch newspaper

    49. Fetch slippers

    50. Find/bring keys

    51. Find/bring dog dishes

    52. Find/bring leash

    53. Find/bring TV remote

    54. Get a toy by name

    55. Wiggle ears

    56. Heel backward

    57. Hide your eyes/paw over nose (shame on you/do you like tuna?)

    58. Hide your head (nose touch under cushion or blanket)

    59. Howl (heard the Spice Girls' latest CD?)

    60. Keep barking until some subtle cue

    61. Lead another dog by the leash

    62. Limp

    63. Moonwalk (scoot backward in a bow)

    64. Open doors

    65. Permit the wearing of sunglasses or hat

    66. Pick a card (from a deck)

    67. Pick the hammer (paw to indicate correct tool)

    68. Pull a cart

    69. Pull on harness: pulling kids on sled, pulling laundry basket or cart, pulling firewood

    70. Pull on rope -- close doors, open doors, open cupboards, pull wheelchairs

    71. Pull your wallet out of your pocket

    72. Lower/raise head while lying down

    73. Push something with the nose (e.g., ball)

    74. Put a toy IN something

    75. Ride a cart

    76. Ride a skateboard

    77. Roll in cued direction

    78. Rub back on floor

    79. Rub muzzle with paws

    80. Smile

    81. Shame on you (hide head under chair)

    82. Sit in a chair, paws on table

    83. Teabag search: Dog searches 3 people sitting on floor or chair for teabag held in their hand

    84. Roll yourself up in a blanket or towel

    85. Take a bow, twirl, and take a bow

    86. Take money from someone else and bring it to you!

    87. Walk sideways

    88. Jump up into handler's arms

    89. Weave between your legs

    90. Climb a ladder

    91. Dance

    92. Fetch a hot dog

    93. Kick balls with paws (soccer)

    94. Lead people (take wrist gently in mouth and take them somewhere)

    95. Learn names of family members and carry messages back and forth

    96. Nose touch to designated colors or shapes

    97. Ride a horse/llama/other dog

    98. Roll over with ball between front paws

    99. Stop dead on cue

    100. Walk up stairs backward

    101. Fetch beer from fridge

    Good luck!
  5. johmel New Member

    check youtube
  6. jenclerm Experienced Member

    wow great list Jean!!

    .. I have PDF lesson list I made and using it as a guide for training Luke.

    here it is, use it if you wish!! :doghappy:
  7. szecsuani Experienced Member

    If you do clicker training, and you don't have any ideas, try this:
    1. Sit down on the ground with a buch of treats around you
    2. click for anything the dog does, and you like. Like scratching, cocking head on one side, basically anything! :)
    You will be surprised how much tricks your dog can think of! :) :msnwink:
  8. achieve1dream Experienced Member

    I totally agree with the others about getting the book 101 Dog Tricks. I bought it and love it! Its a great book.
  9. jenclerm Experienced Member

    Yeah I got that book to, its very good.. oh I also bought the book "the only dog trick book you will ever need" by Gerilyn J. Bielakiewicz,

    that is also a great book!!!

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