Commercial Treats Recipe

Jean Cote

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Hi fellow Academists! :D

I am on the lookout for a dog treat recipe which would make treats that are similar to the store bought ones. I am very weary of buying commercial treats as most of them contains products from China.

The kind of treats I am thinking of are the ones that are semi-moist and that can break off easily in your hands without leaving your hands slimy.

Some examples would be Jerky Treats, Soft & Chewy Milk-Bones, or those Beef/Cheese Rollers treats. I've baked a lot of treats in the past, but have always found them to be either crunchy like kibble or they get my hands extremely slimy.

I would be very grateful if anybody would be able to help me, I am even prepared to spend a little bit of money if it is required.

Thank you,

Jean Cote

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Thank you for the link, I found many sites with dog treats recipes but I was hoping someone would know the answer so that I wouldn't have to cook 100 recipes to find one that I like. LOL


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You can buy freeze dried liver, all natural, it is just freeze dried. No mess , bite size and works great for training.
They are made by pro treat and made in the US. If you can't find them in stores near you then you could google 'freeze dried liver' and probably find it and buy online. Good luck. I have a cookie recipe also that my dogs love, peanut butter cookies. I will post recipe for those also. I don't use them for training b/c it takes forever to make them into little balls but they make great treats.
The tuna brownies I posted are great for training and easy to make, no time at all. Cut it up into squares and your ready to go. Took me 30 minutes this morning to prepare them, cook them and clean up. Pretty simple and not messy on the hands.
Hope that helps.


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I know exactly what you mean I've been looking for the same thing. I've experimented with all sorts of stuff but they're either too crumbly or too crunchy or sticky. My latest one is slightly softer. I'll try to find the right place on here to post it:msniwonder: