Coconut's frisbee training


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Ok, let's see if I can manage a youtube posting (first timer!)
This is day two of Coco's frisbee catching class.



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yay, good catch! Do you have a cue for it?

I say "catch" when I'm going to do a throw I expect Mac to catch... Otherwise it's just 'get it'. He catches food with this cue too. ^.^

Jean Cote

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Nice! You gotta make sure he doesn't crash into something or he might get hurt and associate pain with jumping to get the frisbee.

But good job! :D


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those tosses to get her to catch in air were deliberately small and easy to catch without running...we graduate to outside after that!


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Nice video!! But it's too short! I want to see more of Coco!! (hint...)

she looks like my dog! (a smaller version!)