Close The Door !!!!


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After I had it firmly planned in my head NOT to teach anything new this week, to only practice CGC skills and reading sit/down/touch (since testing is friday and tricks demo day is on sunday) (eep!), Romeo decided to learn something else anyhow. LOL

Birthday Boy and I were in the classroom waiting and the door happened to be cracked open a little... and I told him paws up and the door shut a bit (not all the way but enough that I couldnt miss the capturing oppertunity) !:dogbiggrin:

Five minutes of paws upping later there is now an official " Close door" command with the door open a few inches (at least - didnt really measure to see). The only thing is because he is so lightweight even with a bit of a run at the door he cant quite get the heavier doors (like my front door) to shut completely - suggestions?

He will be quite useful for cabinets now though! (well at least the ones that are low by the ground) lol


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Lol, I'm the worst at this--I'll have it in my head that I am only going to work on this one trick, or these two tricks, and no others, period...and then one of them will do something great and I will think, "HEY that's a great trick!" And my plan is history, and the rest of the session is devoted to the new trick, lol.

Hmm, not sure how to get door closed if he physically cannot get it shut....maybe if you could push it the rest of the way without him seeing, and at the right time, so he thinks he's getting rewarded for the door being shut completely? That way when you stop pushing it the rest of the way, and you don't reward except for when the door is completely closed, then he will try harder=give it a little more OOMPH? If he really just CANNOT do it, then....I'm not sure on that one.


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Too funny! a very enthusiastic drawer closer! LOL. She nearly got your hand a couple of times! LOL I may secretly teach Scout to do that, then she can surprise my Mom! LOL though, that may be kinda mean...


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Love it - but my mum will kill me if the dog scratches the kitchen cupboards (she is 70 and we had the kitchen installed only last year - mum lives with us and considers the kitchen her domain)
With teaching so many tricks I forget which tricks we know already. So now I made a list and will add as we learn. :)


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Ro does the cabinets quite nicely... he manages the fridge now pretty well also. The door still beeds a bit of work , maybe I'll leave that for Whisper for when she gets to that point.