Chopper (english Working Cocker Spaniel) And K9 Friends Having Fun Performing Some

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  1. shaktishiloh Well-Known Member

    Movie includes some multiple dog tricks and skills
    Enjoy [IMG] and share (sharing is caring[IMG]):

    Amazing dog tricks (novice level):

    • backing up (1 and 2 dogs),
    • beginning disc dog,
    • come,
    • crawl,
    • doggy push-ups,
    • down, drop it/give it,
    • fetch/take it,
    • get your leash (even with another dog around),
    • hide in a box,
    • hoop jump (or 2),
    • jump over a bar,
    • jump over knee,
    • kennel up/crate (2 dogs at the same time),
    • kisses, peekaboo,
    • circle to my left side,
    • pull on a rope,
    • roll out a carpet with nose,
    • shake hands (both paws),
    • swing to my left side,
    • sit,
    • speak,
    • spin circles (2 dogs spinning),
    • stay,
    • touch target (and surf the internet :)),
    • touch my hand (both hands),
    • tunnel,
    • walk on a loose leash,
    • walk the (big) dog
    • and more (Chopper's "howdy!" trick, jumping over dogs, jumping on my back, walking on hind legs and...some internet skills too...LOL[IMG])!
    Chopper was trained by Lexi Hayden and FINE-TUNED CANINES. Visit our website:
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  2. Jean Cote Administrator

    Wow, I must say that you are getting amazing at editing videos!!! :) :) :) Great job, and of course OUTSTANDING video!!!! So many tricks! LOL I like how the other dog takes the leash and takes off! :)
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  3. shaktishiloh Well-Known Member

    Thanks so much for your wonderful comments and kind words Jean! I'm very flattered. Chopper is learning how to edit movies now. heh heh (as seen in the movie - he has some interest in this area [IMG] ) I guess it's around 30 tricks/skills or more if you count Chopper's "howdy!", jumping over Shakti, walking on hind legs, etc. So many things to teach and so little time... [IMG] mean Chopper? Chopper is the little guy - the English Cocker Spaniel (that's my personal dog)... The other dog is Eli (Shiloh Shepherd male dog) - very, very nice dog, but not mine (he came from Alabama to train with me :)). Chopper got to be a dog walker and enjoyed it very much. :)
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  4. sara Moderator

    great video! I love the editing as well! Chopper is so cute!
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  5. shaktishiloh Well-Known Member

    Thank you so much Sara! [IMG][IMG]

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