Chloe Bows


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Is it allowed to post just to brag on our dogs?

Yesterday I mentioned teaching Chloe to play the piano. (I'm a piano teacher, so it's totally appropriate.) We started it, but all she is doing today is jump on the bench and face the keyboard. The sound doesn't scare her, and she lets me put a paw on the keys. That's enough to start.

But I always teach my students to bow, so Chloe needs to bow, if she's going to play.

Since she's 9 mo. old, still very much a puppy, I made a big exaggerated bowing motion, and did a little hop at the same time, to get that puppy play posture. Bingo - a few reps, and now she's got it.

Hope you can tell her butt is in the air, it's not easy to take a picture while waving arms, clicking, praising, etc.

I'm new to clicker training, and either it is a miraculous way to train, or Chloe is a genius.


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Just checked, she still knows it today. In fact, when I asked her to roll over, which she doesn't like, she bowed instead. She has a bunch of things she'll do first rather than roll over.

Thank goodness I don't have to hop any more, either.