"chilli" German Shorthaired Pointer


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Chilli is a cutie pie of a pup. He is my 'little diva' because he is so particular about so many things. Even though his breed loves water, Chilli won't go in water above his belly. His favorite toy is a rubber chicken and he can't go anywhere without it. He is a very smart dog, I heard one day of a quote saying how hard it is to train a GSP because of their high energy level, but I find that very misleading. He is very energetic, but is willing to listen and obey my commands. He currently knows how to sit, shake, high-five, back, watch me, here, gotcha', and release. He is having a hard time learning how to stay though. :p


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Chilli is a real cutie pie!!!!!!:love: And a smart lad too. LOL hang in there with 'stay' he will 'get it' one day - in the maybe not too far distance future - then again well, it may take a while:D My boy Ra Kismet has only really got a reliable stay in the last few months and he's three years old!:whistle::rolleyes: He's a very energetic dog too, I think it does take some dogs longer to learn stay, after all there's just so much happening around them that needs to be explored. Why stay when you can be off exploring!:D