Cheesy Dog Biscuits

Discussion in 'Dog Food' started by Jean Cote, Aug 20, 2007.

  1. Jean Cote Administrator

    Cream the cheese with the softened margarine, garlic, salt and flour.
    Add the milk to form into a ball.
    Chill for 1/2 hour.
    Roll onto floured board.
    Cut into shapes and bake at 375 degrees for 15 minutes or until slightly brown, and firm.

  2. Jean Cote Administrator

    I tried this recipe today and the biscuits taste pretty good (I tried a few).
  3. freakylime Guest

    I work at the grease factory (KFC) and trust me, try to keep grease to an abosulute minimum. We had to learn all about it and it's not friendly....
  4. harry New Member

    These biscuits are very easy to make and according to the contents they are very healthy and nutritious dog food. They must be very tasty for dogs also
  5. kujo3405 New Member

    they sound pretty good ill have to try to make them

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