Charging And Barking


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Whenever someone knocks or enters the house the dogs charge and constantly bark. Any suggestions on what to do?


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This one is not that hard to fix, it really isn't. It can be fun, too. There are lots of ways to approach this, but this is what i did.

I do allow and WANT my dog to bark for any and all ppl at my door, or near my house. I can not understand why anyone would not want that, really. (?):confused:
If i am not home, i DO want my dog in there, barking his head off, to announce, "yes, there IS a dog in here!"

My dog was trained to SIT for the door to open. He has to KEEP his butt on the floor.

Get a clicker, some tiny treats, your dog, and go over to your door. It MIGHT be easier, to train one dog at a time.

Ask dog to sit. Begin to slowly open the door an inch or so, of course, the dog will run over to see outside.
Say nothing, just close the door.

Put the dog back into a sit. Again, slowly open the door an inch or so, and of course, the dog will again, run over to stick his nose into the opening.

Calmly ask the dog to sit again.

Repeat. Once the dog ever holds his sit for the door open one inch, lavishly praise and reward.

Keep lessons fairly short, but you can repeat them a few times a day.

AFTER you can open the door fully open, and the dog holds his sit to a fully open door,
you can then advance to having an actual visitor in the door, the dog must still hold his sit at the sight of a visitor at the door. This will take a while, you will need a very patient volunteer.:ROFLMAO: then you will also want to polish this with various other volunteers, too.

Do this the same way, open door an inch, with visitor on outside of door, dog must keep his butt on the floor, or else, you will silently shut the door, no treats.

sooner or later, the dog WILL develop the self control necessary, to keep his butt on the floor, while you open the door to the sight of visitor.
THIS part, will take more than a few days of volunteers:rolleyes: this is reeeeeeeeally hard for the dog, so heavily reward his progress when he does begin to hold his sit.

WAIT, WAIT, there is one more step!!!!:ROFLMAO: .

AFTER your dog can sit calmly, as you open the door, to see a visitor there, and still hold his sit,
THEN, you have to have BOTH trained dogs do this together.
This will be yet another challenge, to get BOTH dogs to do this side by side.;)

and THEN,
after you have both dogs, holding a sit, to a door fully open to see a visitor there,
THEN, you up the ante,
and now,
you knock on the door, or ring the doorbell,
to add to the excitement that the dogs must learn to deal with, while holding a sit for you beginning to open the door, after a doorbell or knock has set the dogs all into a frenzy of barking, the dogs have to learn to hold a sit for the door to open.
BUT YOU CAN DO THIS!!! IT IS NOT THAT HARD, it should be fun and pleasant, not stressful, and keep lessons short and after each lesson, play with your dogs to help them think it is fun lesson, and to help your dog release his tensions if any..
You can take your time,:D just working through the various levels with each dog.


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well, i now realize, i posted advice on how to keep the dogs from charging at your visitors,
and that might not be at all what you are asking.
Are you asking for a dog who does NOT bark for visitors at your door?

I see my dog barking to announce all visitors as part of his "job".:D I LOVE him doing this. If i am out in garage, or in yard, etc i might not hear the knock, not realize someone had knocked on the door.
I feel it adds to my home's security. Dogs are big deterrent to criminals:mad: scoping for places to rob.

I do not understand why anyone would NOT love this behavior......i really don't.


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If you do want to teach your dog to stop barking on cue, in general,
you might find this thread helpful: this is NOT what i'd call "easy" to teach.

It is far far easier, to just teach your dogs to sit like lil gentlemen:) for the door opening,:D
than it is to teach the cue "shhhh", imo. Teaching the cue "shhh" can be hard to do for some dogs. Not impossible, but not the easiest thing to teach a dog, imo.:ROFLMAO: