Can dogs catch a human flu?


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Okay, i will probably win prize for most crazy question, but, eveyrone at my house has had the flu this week, one after another. Sore throat, coughing, sinus problems, exhausted, achy, etc etc.

So now, Buddy seems kinda lazy today. :dogblink: Very odd for him. Been laying around a LOT today, acting exhausted, even though he didn't do much today, just his usual two walks and some playtimes....

I ate a piece of cheese and he layed there watching me, looking bored and uninterested, without coming over to hope for a scrap. That is not my dog!!
(i know, i know, i could train that out of him, but we don't mind, we only give teeny crumb).

He isn't playing as much, poops out when i play with him.
He IS eating okay. YAY!! Just weirdly my question is..........could the dog have caught our human flu-bug from us??


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i have no idea if dogs can get the flu from humans. many many years ago when I first got ferrets I read that ferrets CAN get the flu but dogs and cats CAN'T. But i have no idea if that is true. I do know dogs can get sick every now and then but I've never noticed it in association when I get sick.


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I'm almost positive dogs can't get human colds/flus. I think ferrets and cats can get some of the same upper respiratory type sicknesses from each other. I'm not sure if that would go for human flu/cold too. Buddy might be sick, or just mopey because everyone is sick and therefore less active.


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OH good! Whew! THANK YOU for info! I bet you are right, bet he is just bored/mopey, it is too freezing :laughsnow:for him to play outside for very long now....10 the high! EEEK!

Time to learn a new trick, i guess!!!