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Discussion in 'Off-Topic & Chit Chat' started by bipa, Feb 29, 2008.

  1. bipa New Member

    I got really stressed out these last few weeks, and I'm sorry I wasn't active here. My old car started having some problems, and it turned out that it wasn't worth fixing the old thing anymore. So it was time to look around and get something newer.

    This time, however, I didn't have my usual nice budget. See... we just bought a house last summer, and weren't planning to buy any cars for at least another two years. But the transmission started slipping and the cost was frankly more than what the car is worth. And so started my adventure. We decided we didn't want to go more into debt, so instead we dipped into our emergency reserves.

    Unlike most Germans, I prefer automatics. So already the number of available used cars was quite limited. Then I wanted all-wheel drive (like my old one) because I live out in the country. And we decided we wanted something a little larger than my hatchback because of the two dogs. (We do have a larger car, but my husband uses it for work.) So given our limited budget, it seemed an impossible task.

    I started searching online and at dealers using a 200km radius as a reasonable restriction. Found a few prospects, but my husband always had an objection. Finally out of desperation I started searching all of Germany. Finally we found a car that we could both agree on, about 500 km away. It was a little smaller than I wanted, but still a bit larger than my old one. And it was one of my favourite brands - a Subaru.

    So now I've finally got a newer Subaru Impreza station wagon sitting in my driveway, and I'm mobile again. It was tough being without a car for a while, because public transit just isn't that convenient out in the country. A 20 minute drive ends up being over 1.5 hours using buses and in this weather isn't something to think about. And how the heck do women without cars do their grocery shopping? I can't imagine lugging a case of beer, a few litres of milk, plus all the rest using a bus. And a taxi would bankrupt me out here, since I have to drive at least 15 km to the nearest little supermarket - and it doesn't have much of a selection.

    Anyway... it is finally done, including all the paper work. Hopefully I won't have to think about car buying for another 8 years. Way too stressful!


  2. landseer Well-Known Member

    Hello bipa,
    best wishes for your new car and enjoy it!
  3. Jean Cote Administrator

    Haha buying a car sucks. I was lucky with my last one, I bought the first one that I tried!! And I had it sitting in my driveway like 3 days after. haha.

    But my first car I had to go to like 7 different dealers. :(
  4. leema New Member

    Buying cars is such a headache! Especially if you want a used car... And then it's weighing up everything and ah. I can understand your pain!

    I hope you can enjoy having a car, now. :D
  5. marieke New Member

    Good luck with the new car! I'm doing a test drive this afternoon, need a new one too. I'm just doubting which model. I either want the Volvo C30, the Nissan Quasqai or Opel Astra station. The Volvo is my favorite, I love that car. But it doesn't have much room in the back for Guus. It would be cool though: me in a signal red C30 *dreams away* :doghappy:
  6. bipa New Member

    Hmm... I don't think the Volvo C30 comes in a 4-door version, which was also one of my requirements. And you're right, it looks smaller than my old car (a Subaru Justy) and you'll probably need a little more room, especially if you want to stop off and do some quick grocery shopping while the dog is with you in the car. If I were a Volvo fan, I'd be more inclined to get the V50. My husband wouldn't let me look at any Opels (he doesn't like them), but that Nissan sure looks interesting!

    I don't let my dogs travel loose in the car, but instead have them in dog crates which take up even more room. But even with a net or a rigid divider, I don't feel comfortable in having my dogs loose in the back while I'm driving at high speed on the German autobahn. I can just imagine getting hit from the side and my doggies being thrown around and perhaps through the back window. Or getting splattered against that rigid barrier separating the seats from the cargo area. Sure, the barrier will protect me from getting hit by the doggie missiles but does little to actually protect the pets themselves. So when I'm alone with the dogs, their two crates go on the back seat for maximum protection (also they aren't in direct sunlight in the summer). And that means I still have the whole cargo area free to carry other stuff, and can pick up a case or two of beer for Hubby while on the way home. :dogtongue2:

    Have you taken a look at Subaru? Doesn't cost anything to test drive one.
    <shameless plug for my favourite cars :doglaugh: >
  7. heidib860 New Member

    I'm so glad that headache for you is over. The thought of buying a car throws me into a state of anxiety as does the thought of being on the autobahn.
  8. marieke New Member

    I haven't thought about Subaru, probably because you don't see many in Holland. I'll go have a look at their website. The Volvo C30 is by far my favorite because of it's looks. I agree with you that the V50 has more space but I like the looks less. I know, not the most important thing but I want a cool car :msncool: :doglaugh:
  9. bipa New Member

    Oh, I definitely know that feeling of wanting to drive a cool car. This was my daily drive for about 5 years. (Pic taken two years ago while getting it ready for winter. Those are our ugly winter rims. And yes, that's another one on the hoist behind our red one.) We still have it, but it has become so expensive to maintain and keep on the road that we've put it in storage and are thinking of selling it now. I actually want to hang onto it, since storage isn't costing us anything and I'd love to drive it again. It is sitting in my Father-in-law's barn next to his antique horse-driven fire engine.

    Subaru SVX, only made from 1991 - 1997
    3.3 litre, 233 PS, 6-cyl boxer engine
    My personal top speed in this car on the autobahn was 220km/hr. Hubby made 255! :dogohmy:
  10. Jean Cote Administrator

    MMM.. I find it ironic how both cars in the picture are the same. What are the odds of that happening? :) Is that a popular make in Germany?
  11. bipa New Member

    Heh...heh...heh... if you think two of the same is interesting, how about four?! :dogcool:
    (That's our red one in the middle)


    And no, they aren't popular at all in Germany. Only a total of about 1000 were sold in Germany while the car was in production, which is part of the reason why they are so hellishly expensive to maintain. We bought ours in Switzerland, along with the Justy and brought it with us when we moved. I believe that about 60,000 SVX were sold in the US.

    Both pictures were taken at the Swiss dealer when all the SVX's were coming in for winter service. He's an expert in these cars, has one himself as does his brother. So for anything major we'd always go back to him. And if I happened to be in the area visiting friends, then I'd always pop by to say hello and stay for a coffee and a chat.

    I'm planning another trip soon to visit friends in the area, and he would be insulted if I didn't pop by with the "new" car for him to take a look at. I called him several times during my search, and he gave me some very good advice about various car makes and models, and what to keep an eye out for in terms of potential problems for particular model years. :dogsmile:
  12. emmasmamma Guest

    Sweet ride, but driving that fast would have me leaving permanent fingerprints in the steering wheel!:eek:
  13. marieke New Member

    Cool cars, love them! It's nice that there aren't that many in Germany, you will turn people's head :ycool: . I drive on the autobahn about twice a year but I never go that fast though, I was told it's not good for your car. So I won't go any faster than 140/145. But you know what they say about NL. It stands for NetherLands but according to the German it means: "nicht links" (not left) :msngiggle:

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