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  1. marla2007 New Member

    Anyone else on the here have a bullmastiff?

    I have a bullmastiff puppy named Justice. He's a seven month old Bullmastiff. He weighs about seventy pounds. His favorite activites include eating and sleeping. :msntongue:

    We are just now getting serious about training and he's picking things up pretty fast. He will do anything for some food!
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  2. Zimgales Active Member

    I have Bull mastiff mixes, they are a wonderful breed and they love to please you! Especially if there is food involved! This site is great.
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  3. charmedwolf Moderator

    I used to have a Bull Mastiff, Moose, who just passed away. He was a sucker for tug toys and food. I'm hoping to rescue another after graduation but we'll see.
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  4. krijmo New Member

    I have a bullmastiff German shepherd mix, Bubba jay blue. He loves tennis balls and we are learning hide and seek to make sit stay fun! He's a fun sweet adorable boy!
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