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    Just wanted to share a short vid of the kids having fun with bubbles for the first time - well most everyone - Luka was afraid of them and Ayla was just plain not interested.

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    LOVED IT!!!

    Hey, seeing the adult dogs, made me remember that video you posted, when the adult dogs were still sort of figuring out the new puppies. How is that going, are the adult dogs are "used to" the puppies now?
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    and how is puppy nipping coming along? do the pups nip each other much?
    sorry i am so so nosey about your puppies!:ROFLMAO: no detail too small to interest me! If i could boss you around around, Pawtential, i'd make you write a blog every day about the puppies activities and behaviors that day, each and every day!
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    OMD!!!! TOO CUTE!!!!!:love: LOVED IT!!!!
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