"Bring it to Daddy!"


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THIS is Mr. Buddy's all time favorite way to burn energy on icey nights. I'm not even sure how we taught him this, really. Or maybe he taught us.:msngiggle:

I put an item in Buddy's mouth, and say enthusiastically, "Bring it to Daddy!" and Buddy takes off at full speed, and runs and drops it in Craig's lap, and then Craig puts an item (usually same item) in Buddy's mouth, and says, "Bring it to Mommy!" and Mr. Buddy again takes off at full speed, barely making the corners and turning over all throw rugs kinda speed...he LOVES doing this.

I remember in the beginning, we both had lil baggies of tiny treats, but we don't hafta use treats anymore, the enthusiastic praise and thrill of running fast and feeling useful is enuff reward now. Mr. Buddy looks so proud and happy, you can't help but smile at his face.

Also, in the beginning, when i'd say, "Bring it to Daddy!" Craig would call Buddy a moment later, and then reward him for showing up. Didn't take too much time, til we no longer have to call Buddy while he is on his way.

Buddy LOVES doing this, over and over and over and over...


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This is so perfect for helping his recall and cementing it into his doggie brain. We actually practiced it with our dogs in class last night. we all tethered our dogs and one dog was in a circle of the owners. Then we played tag team touch. We hold down a hand and say Annie touch and Annie the cutie GSD puppy was bounding to touch the hand of whoever offered it, getting click/treated for each touch, and thinking and really learning so wonderfully.

So you're doing a great thing with this trick...it is very valuable and already you notice that having a FUN come is very useful. Good great wonderful!!! TA DA! :dogbiggrin: I bet it's adorable.