Bosun - Alaunt X Whippet


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Meet Bosun, my very handsome crossbreed! We believe he is an Alaunt x Whippet, but of course we have no idea really as he is a rescue.

Bosun is ever so laid back, he is the most docile calm boy ever until we get out the tennis ball!!!! Then he wants to work, work, work until we throw it :D

Bosun came from a rescue in Northamptonshire, he was a poundie beforehand and he certainly knows how to fend for himself. He has a huge prey drive, is very quick, intelligent and learns ever so quickly.
We have had to teach him many things as when we first got him, recall was not something that Bosun wanted to do or cared about doing, he also used to chase flying ducks for miles of fields! Lead-work was also non-existent.
Two yrs later, Bosun is one of my stooge dogs for training 1-2-1's, he is my demo dog at class and has gone to quite a few dog shows doing Trick Demonstrations and shows off how 'Bull-Breeds are not dangerous!!' (Even though he technically isn't a bullbreed at all, everyone calls him a pit-bull)

Bosun is the full-time puppy day carer at home, any dogs who come in on boarding, foster or day care he shows the ropes to and allows them to sleep all over him! He spends most of his day upside down on the sofa -Such a good boy!







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He's a beautiful dog and sounds great. I've never heard of that breed before (Alaunt) so had to go look it up, they look lovely.


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He's gorgeous!:) What a wonderful boy to help other dogs in need. Dogs are so wonderful aren't they!:love:

I'd never heard of the breed either had to look it up, agree Danielle they do look lovely!


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He is gorgeous and so glad he is showing off the 'better side' of any bull type breeds to the wider society! He sounds like he is a wonderful dog!

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Hi to you and your gorgeous boy!! :D

I am no breed expert so the following is simply my 2 cents and given with no offense intended...but given that the Alaunt breed has been extinct for decades - I doubt he the mix you think. Alaunts did however have a major role in lots of modern day bully breeds from Mastiffs to Pitties.

The Alaunt is an extinct breed of dog, its original breed having existed in central Asia and Europe from ancient times through the 17th century.

There has been a resurgence to recreate the breed but as of right now they are few and far between...
he Western Alans joined the Vandals on their raids through Europe and by the 410's, their fierce dogs were influencing many breeds in France, Spain, Portugal, England and other countries, spreading the use of the "alaunt" name, which became synonymous with the type of a working dog, rather than a specific breed.

It is now believed that this original breed is now extinct. You may be thinking but I just saw an Alaunt for sale? From our research we have learned that these so called aluants are not real aluants. They are mix breeds of mastiffs, bull dogs and pitbull terriers. They are sometimes also called the American Allaunt.

Here are a few images that clarify different breeds classed as Pitties - My feeling is that he is a American Staffy mix:

Some of these I am not sure why they are listed but here you go...

Why go through all of this in your introduction? I am a lover of old, exotic breeds and this is a breed type that not many people are familiar with - much less think their dog is a mix of so it caught my eye. I promise I am not fussing, and there is no way to know for sure as this breed type does not show up on any DNA testing scales, but I just wanted to pass on a bit of info about a rarely heard of breed type.

I truly hope you are not offended and I look forward to learning more about you guys!


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My feeling is that he is a American Staffy mix:
I don't think we have American Staffies in the UK though there is a lot of variation in our own Staffies and Bosun could conceivably be a cross of one of the larger types I suppose, but I think he is a bit big even for that. If I'd had to guess (without hearing his attributed pedigree) I'd have said he looks a bit like a like a boxer/whippet but he is too chunky for that. He's a gorgeous dog anyway :)


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Hi, haven't seen you around in a bit. How is Bosun and your other dogs doing? Did you teach Bosun the "Snarl" trick you were working on?