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  1. Jesulas Member

    I got a beatiful border collie.
    He is 2 months and a half and he already knows about 10-15 tricks like roll, spin, shake a paw, stay, speak and some others. I am triying to get new ideas to teach him new tricks. His name is Bolt!!

  2. Jesulas Member

    Thank you!!
    I don't have any picture of him on this computer but I will upload one as soon as I get home.
    I can see that Jukes is pretty!
    I never tried to teach tricks to any dog but border collies are so clever that it's so easy to teach them tricks. I am amazed...
  3. Jukes Well-Known Member

    I know - they are incredible! Some of the stuff that they can do is mind boggling. When I was a kid we always had dogs but they tended to be toy dogs who weren't very active so I was shocked at the difference when I first got a border collie.
    At the moment I have two dogs - Jukes (my avatar) is an australian shepherd (very similar to a border collie) and Quest is a border collie maybe mixed with something like an aussie so I'm nearly always training some trick or another - the bond you can develop through trick training is unreal - as I'm sure you've found

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