Blue Merle BC


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My name is Rod and my wife if Peggy.

We have a 2 year old Blue Merle BC that we had nuetered. It is the best looking dog, and very smart. We are sorry we had him fixed. We went back to the breader two years later and picked out a Female Blue Merle BC who is the full sister of our male dog. (Rocky)

Now we want to bread her. If any one knows of a Blue Merle Stud in Northern Cal, please let us know.


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I am sorry, but I don't think you're looking in the right place.

I have nothing against breeding dogs, but there is a right way and a wrong way to do it.

Firs things first- YOU CANNOT BREED MERLE to MERLE!!!! Honestly, do some research and you will see how serious of an issue this is.

What reason do you have for breeding your dog? are you trying to improve the breed's structure? breeding for a better performance dog (with also very good structure)? Your answer should not be "because she is just such a great dog! we love her!" There are plenty of great and loveable dogs out there, but breeding should be done with a purpose in mind. if you are breeding for just a good family pet, well then take a look around. go the animal shelter and get a dog. breeders should produce good qualitity pets, but that should not be their reason for breeding. There are a lot of qualities that should be looked at: health, structure, natural instincts, and temparment is just one of them. i am sure there are many more reasons, but I know i am not knowledgable enough to be breeding.

What about her health? I don't mean just a vet check, but does she have her cerf, penn hip, etc done? How does her lineage look on these issue? have you looked at the full family line? How do her results compare to others of her breed?

Do you have potential homes lined up? and are you prepared to take back a puppy for any reason at all, at any time in that dog's life? honestly, no matter the reason and at ANY time a good breeder should always want to take their puppy back. Be prepared for the consequences of breeding a dog with major health problems, or temparment issues and take responsibility. even the most amazing breeder will have some issues, but the difference is responsability and the willingness to take the puppy back and provide for it for the rest of his life.

What qualities are you looking in your stud dog to compliment that of your bitch and "fix" any issues. ust because a dog has his championship tells you nothing about whether or not he should be used as a stud (same for your bitch).
I know absolutly nothing about dog structure so I can't help with this, but then again I'm not going to breed my dog.

And the list goes on and on and on. Looks and intelligence should be on the bottom of things you are looking for in both a bitch you want to breed and the stud you are looking for. AND DO NOT BREED MERLE TO MERLE!
VERY MUCH Agree with the above.... I sugest you do what I do...leave the breeding to the proffessionals and just enjoy your gorgeous merle dogs....<3 my merle BC!!!


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I have 2 reasons why Merle should not be bred to Merle... Mouse and Boo, both Double Dapple (merle) Dachshunds, and both are deaf and sight impaired because of it.