Blue Buffalo Wilderness?

Discussion in 'Dog Food' started by Caiti, Jun 11, 2013.

  1. Caiti Experienced Member

    We have been keeping Wylie on Blue Buffalo Wilderness because it seems like a good food, but I've been reconsidering. It is grain-free, which I like, and we get a discount because my mum works for Blue Buffalo, but I've seen some better foods out there. I am looking for better brands. What is your opinion on Blue Buffalo Wilderness?

  2. sara Moderator

    I won't feed it... there are alot better foods out there. That said, there are alot worse too :)
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  3. sara Moderator

    As it stands now, I will only feed Champion (Acana, Orijen), First Mate, Fromm, and Horizon. I am researching Nature's Instinct though as a possible part of my pet's rotation.
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  4. Dlilly Honored Member

    If you can afford a more expensive, higher quality food, then go for it!
  5. blacknym Experienced Member

    I suggest feeding raw. :)
  6. Caiti Experienced Member

    I would love to feed raw but it is too expensive. I've decided on Acana Regionals Ranchlands formula. I've always added fruits and vegetables like blueberries and sweet potato, and Salmon Oil to my dog's food, so I'll continue to do that. ;)

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