Blood in Mouth - 9 week old


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Hi there,

My 9 week old Kelpie 'Dagga' has just today started bleeding in his mouth, not sure of the cause as I didn't think he'd be teething for a while longer.

We do play lots of tug of war do you think this could cause it? (I don't drag him

Yesterday he got his shots and his Microchip put in, could these cause it, he dosn't really chew on anything apart from his toys and his bed.:dogblink:

After further investigation I found he has broken one of his longer teeth, I've read some threads on that stuff and and it seems like I shouldn't worry too much as long as it isn't bleeding lots...:dogwacko:


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Sounds like you found your answer...

I wouldn't worry about it in a puppy. As long as their isn't too much blood and they aren't in pain it should fix itself in time - once the adult tooth comes in it'll be like this never happened :)