Biting puppy and growling

Discussion in 'Obedience Training' started by ilovemydog, Jan 1, 2011.

  1. ilovemydog Active Member

    hey all i have my chi and she lieks to growl when i pick her up sometimes, or take things from her. Also she BITES not hard but she will go after my fist or hand. any tips?
    When she bites most of the time is on my bed and she rolls on her back and does this nose s land then trys to bite me. Like she winning or crying. sometimes she even shows TEETH!

  2. rouen Experienced Member

    Do you have video of this?
    My first though was it's very rough play. Dingo will put his mouth on me when we wrestle, but I worked with him early on to have a soft mouth.
    But when you said that she's on her back, thats usually appeasement, which would be more along the lines of fear, stress, or nervousness especially when coupled with mouthing and screaming.
    Not all baring of teeth is aggression based, a grimace is a typical sign of fear.
  3. ilovemydog Active Member

    Yes i have videos of it. but it wont let me post them here or send them to you couse i have not send 10 post yet. Im new..
  4. ilovemydog Active Member

    5 posts

    so far i have 5 posts
  5. ilovemydog Active Member

    ok i posted a few post! I hope this works now.

    infact I do have a vid. I try to take a better video but she acts so nice on cam lol
    Maybe you can help me with the body lang.
    In this video she act so nice she even gave me her toy without a growl.
    Here is one where she attack my feet.

    when she bites i say OUCH or a give her time out at the bathroom. When i do this she comes out being nicer SOMETIMES.
  6. rouen Experienced Member

    okay, thats just an arroused dog that doesn't know bite inhabition.
    I would stop making loud noises as that's part of what gets her going, if you watch the videos after you do, she gets excited. There are a few approaches you can take with her. You can clicker train a calm response to hands, I believe the only video on youtube showing how to do that is kikopups YouTube - Stop puppies biting- clicker dog training
    Or you can use negative punishment and walk away, completely ignoring her when she bites. If she tries to follow you close her in a room, do not pick her up and move her as thats giving her attention.
  7. ilovemydog Active Member

    Thank you so much helpfull tips, I will try them. I will check that link aswell.
  8. Isi Havanese Active Member

    Hi I am new here as well. This is my 3rd post only. I have a 1`3 eek old Havanese. She is very tiny weighing 2.5 lbs. She had started growl snarl and bute me especially during grooming which is not optional with this beautifully long haired breed. Daily brushing and tedious combing is a must! So the trainer I have said to quickly and gently grab the scruf of her neck and say no as you give the gentle tug or quick shake.Then as soon as she stops pet her and let her know you love her when she is good. She said pups need that reassurance. She also said that because of the importance of teaching the No Bite this is the ONLY time she recommends the negative training method to be used otherwise tons of praise. She also taught me that a full grooing session for a pup is way too much to expect from a baby. Som I break it into sessions of the head the back end the chest the tummy then each side. I also take her food away and her toys away periodically just to teach her that I am in charge of everything not her! She recommended all of this to avoid th Litlle Dog Syndrome. It worked so quickly and within 2 days it has all but ceased completely! Occassionally when I am combing and get a mat she will whine and snarlm then I stop and give her a break have her do a trick and give a treat then I will resume at that stopping point. Worked wonders and so quickly too!:p
    Ask your trainer before taking my trainers advice just be sure u r not rewarding this bad behavior in any way!
  9. Dodge Well-Known Member

    O_ono negative methods required with this,thank you very much :)get your pooch used to the brush with holding treats in your hand,like ham and hold it for your doggie to lick and try to get while you are brushing,start slowly with a couple of brushes and let him/her have it and carry on with more and so on.No holding by the scruff and shake to tell her/him off :ninja:
    The "No Bite" you can teach in other ways :D

    (just adding to this,my boy hates {{HATES}} having his fleatreatment put on,used to run away all through the house and even snarled at me,trying to snap,he s quite happy to stand and wait to have it put on now(y):))
  10. mewzard Experienced Member

    I agree with Dodge. Try imagining your dog as a child. If a child crys when you brush its hair would your shake it to get it to stop? NO, you'd give it something to take it's mind off of it. - believe me! My daughter {HATES} having her hair brushed!!
    Oka has a thick undercoat, and really long guardhairs/top coat (they are about 5-6inches long), it takes ages to really brush her, i just sit with a pot of kibble or cheese and give her tiny pieces for every X number of brushes. She has never had an issue with brushing, big dogs are just as likely to not like grooming.
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  11. mewzard Experienced Member

    I'm assuming she is a puppy?
    It's a game judging by your video. I would suggest as rouen did not to yell "OW" or if you do to get up and walk away. She did stop when you said 'OW' then you put your hand back and she starts again - thats a game to her. Bite Inhibition is how hard to bite not NOT to bite. My almost 13month shepherd-cross 'bites' but it's never hard unless she is SUPER aroused (which is my fault for not stopping the game earlier).
    My other suggestion is to get a tug toy; can be just a piece of fleece or a hand towel, and give that to her, play with her with it, wiggle it, drag it on the floor so she will chase and bite it... then she has a game to play with you that doesn't involve your skin!
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  12. lyka_01 Well-Known Member

    hi! is your puppy new with you? she might still be adjusting. but if not you need to spend time with obedience training with her. like have a 15mins session everyday with her. :)

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