Best skin and coat supplement for my dog?


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I am looking for a good supplement to add in my dog's diet to improve skin and coat. I was told by a vet to try Avoderm Natural Booster skin and coat supplement. I just found it at DrugStore through discount deal. I have read many positive reviews on this supplement, but I want your advice and views before gonna buy it for my dog. BTW I have 2 years old Golden Retriever.

Your inputs will be helpful.


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I have a question first: what kind of diet is your dog on/what kind of food do you feed? A really healthy diet does wonders for good skin/coat, even without supplements, that's why I'm asking.


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First thing to address, as Jackie said, is diet.
Usually a good, wholesome, healthy diet will be enough. But not always.
If you are feeding a good quality commercial kibble, is venison or salmon one of the first few ingredients? Both of these meats are very good for the skin and coat, and can help itching, dry skin, brittle coat,etc.
If you are feeding raw or homemade, consider adding venison and/or salmon(or other types of fish).
Have you ruled out allergies? Whether your dog has a high or low quality diet, he/she can have allergies to various different things. Your dog could also have environmental allergies. This is where your list can really grow---cleaning chemicals, air fresheners, your dog's shampoo, flea/tick preventatives, plants....the list could go on forever! As for diet, common dog allergies are corn, wheat, gluten, and soy. Look for foods without these ingredients(good quality foods will not have these).

Why are you looking for skin/coat supplements? Just for extra care, or have you noticed changes in your dog? Dandruff? Itching? Dry skin? Excessive licking/chewing paws or other areas? Dry coat?

How often are you bathing your dog, and what are you using on him/her?

Salmon oil is a good, natural additive that is wonderful for the skin and coat.

Hope this helps. :)


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As usual, Tx's advice is spot on!!

If you buy your dog food in a grocery store, is 99.9% chance is crappy dog food.

I feed my dog "Chicken soup for the Dog Lover's soul". There are better dog foods, but, this is only a dollar a pound. We had splurged a time or two for the high end "grain free" kind, but, Buddy got horrible gas on those.

"Chicken soup for the dog lover's soul" is good, healthy, NUTRITIOUS dog food, and is economical.

It has no corn, first 4 (FOUR) ingredients are meat, THAT IS HARD TO FIND in any dog food.
Also, no toxic, carcinogenic preservatives which are SO common in grocery store dog foods, No by-products, (that is like, hooves and beaks) no animal digest, (shiver) and it is made in USA.

......... and my dog's coat felt like dried grass when we first rescued him, and NOW it is soft and glossy. My dog used to be unable to make it around the block he was so malnourished and so weak, and now he can run like the wind.

and his teeth are pearly white.

I add a few meat scraps on top, for interest and variety, extra protein.

whatever fish, meat, poultry, we eat, Buddy gets a few scraps. (Just plainly cooked, like grilled or baked or boiled, nothingfried of course!! And unseasoned or rinsed off really well before given to the dog.)

and 1 or 2 teaspoons of plain old Cannola oil on his evening meal---->

both for his coat, and for a dab of extra fat, cuz Tx taught me once that Chicken soup dog food is a tad low on fats.

IF you are on a budget like i am, well, Cannola oil will do just fine to help your dog have a gleaming coat. It is cholesterol free, inexpensive, and my vet said dogs do need some fat to be able to absorb some of the fat-soluable vitamins.

So we add it in his evening meal.


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my dogs and me

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whoopsie, since i made the post above, about how i add a dab of cannola oil into my dogs' food,
i have since noticed, i think his cannola oil makes him itchy.
I've added,
and subtracted it,
and determined, i do think he seems to itch his back on the floor only on days i give him cannola oil, so i've quit doing it now.

i do still bust open a fish oil pill now and then to squeeze onto his food for his coat.


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The VERY best supplement for any dog is DOGtor X Formula. It is a completely natural product which contains every single vitamin, trace element, etc. etc. a dog needs to either remain healthy right through their lives, or if as with my older boy, works wonders on dis-eases.

Zeus, my older boy has Cushings Disease, He was a mess, it comes on very quickly. Coat was terrible, all red and blotchy, falling out (he was an Ashley & Martin candidate of the first order). This dis-ease also caused urinary tract problems like incontinence, bowel problems (every five minutes or so it seems need to 'go') excess water consumption, raving, crazy for food, weak hind legs and sway back. My boy couldn't even get up, he kinda shuffled along on his front paws 'bumping' to get his hind legs up. Plus the shakes, like he had the D.T's Very expensive vet's medication, blood tests etc. and not much improvement. A little at first but then all the symptoms came back, with avengence!

On DOGtor X Formula I saw an IMMEDIATE improvement the very next day! Now you'd never know he was actually suffering from Cushings. And he's almost 12 years old. He can now walk and walk, run and play with my youngster and all the other symptoms have vanished!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! His coat has NEVER been better. It's softer and silkier than it's ever been pre Cushings! This is the Australian site, and you'll see Zeus' testimonial up first, but the formula is available world wide.

Also, I now have Ra Kismet (my youngster) on it, as it's so good for young dogs too. His coat gleams and as he's very energetic, he puts a lot of strain on his legs, mad soccer player:D. So all round it's the VERY BEST doggy nutrition on the market.

It costs AU$69.95 per bottle. In tablet form and the dog's LOVE it!!!!!!!! They think it's a 'high value treat' and yes, I've actually used it as same!

Layla would only need one tablet per day, so the bottle would last around two/three months. Cost wise it's well worth it for a happy, healthy dog. Saves big vet bills, especially later in life.


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Thanks Mary! I'm going to check it out! I'm so glad to hear that zeus is doing well! It sounds like a wonderful product.


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Thanks Mary! I'm going to check it out! I'm so glad to hear that zeus is doing well! It sounds like a wonderful product.
It is, I'd got to the end of the earth to get it! You'll see Zeus on Ra Kismet's page and see just how fit and well he now is. Cushings cannot be cured but with this formula he can live a normal, happy, healthy life:D


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My dog Bubba has itchy skin. I use Dr Bronners soap on him. I part soap, 3 parts water. For itchy spot treatment, I use organic unfiltered apple cider vinegar and organic coconut oil. I have to do it every day, but it helps keep the itch away. Check out I get it all from there, and I use dr bronners myself so it's always on hand.