Bellas 71st Trick

Discussion in 'Dog Tricks' started by TiflovesBCs, Jan 17, 2013.

  1. TiflovesBCs Experienced Member

    Bellas newest trick - roll yourself in a blanket

    I was surprised she got it in a minute, I had tried this a few months ago and she wasnt getting it, thought i'd give it another try and bam she nails it :) when I go to the shop later shes getting a special treat :D

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  2. MaryK Honored Member

    LOVED Bella's new trick:love: She looked so pleased with herself and I'm sure the cold weather helped.:) Who wouldn't want to be all wrapped up in a nice cosy blanket:) She sure does deserve a special treat!
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  3. Linda A Experienced Member

    I love this trick!
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  4. DevonW Well-Known Member

    Yay congrats Bella!!
    Thor learned his 71st trick today with Pick Pocket Pooch.
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  5. Dogster Honored Member

    SO CUTE Bella!!!!!:love::love: Love that trick!!!!
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