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how can I cut out this begging habit?

I dont know where it came from, initially she would just kind of look at us if we had food, but now shes getting a little more adamant in her pursuit.

what should I do?

Jean Cote

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Has she been successful? Do you give her anything? If you give her any treat, even if it is after you are done, you will be rewarding your dog for 'begging'. I usually will give any left overs or anything of the sort in my dog's food bowl so that they don't think begging will get them any of my food.


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Why don't you teach her an alternative behavior to do at mealtimes. You could teach her to go to mat and lie down while you are eating, or to stay out of the dining room, or even give her a stuffed kong with her dinner so she can happily eat while you eat.

If you allow her next to you while eating then make sure you're not looking at her, talking to her, touching her, and definitely never giving any food. Even if you're just looking at her to tell her no it's still attention and could be rewarding the begging behavior.


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If she gets in your space while you're eating. Simply stand up without a word and walk towards her until she backs up. Do this calmly every time she gets too close. She should eventually get tired of trying and go lay down to watch from a distance. Also, make sure NO ONE gives in to her begging and gives her food.

I also agree with what fickla suggested, but this is just another method that might work.