Bed bug dog


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Hi We are a certified scent detection team in St Augustine Florida. Abbey is a atwo year old Jack Russell and is a pound pup. We lack the basic skills of obedience and would love to learn the correct way to train.


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Welcome to the Academy!! I bet you two have a ton of fun with your scent detection. The classroom has all the basics and some info on positive training in general, as well as many advanced tricks. The challenges are a great, fun way to challenge your training skills and your dog's learning ability. Plus, you get a really fun trick out of them. You can check these out in the Challenge Forum.

Aside from that, if you have any questions our members are happy to help you. :) Just post it somewhere in the lounge. Welcome to the Academy, and enjoy the site!


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Welcome to your very smart pups and I think you'll find a great deal here in positive training that will mesh well with your working dogs. Check out the classroom and the monthly challenges. There are also some great past challenges with videos and how-to's to give you and idea of how to achieve things with your dogs. Hope to hear from you soon on the forums. :dogtongue2: