Beagle Pup


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AS has happened about 40 times now, a dog crossed my path needing a temporary home, while I find it's forever home. This is Bosun's first experience with this. He was a rock star. He handled this little bundle of energy and curiosity with ease. He learned a few things and his doggy language stepped up as well. He played extremely long hours and well with her.

An older couple I know, got this puppy at 7 weeks, a pure (without papers) beagle. She was 100% cute but too much for them (and me as it turns out! lol, not that I was keeping her) She went to her forever home on Monday and we are resting and recovering. God love people who adore these high energy/thinking kind of dogs! I am at home 24/7 yet she managed to get 2 rolls of toilet paper, get stuffing out of a chair, Bosuns bed and a pillow. She was, at first, an alligator with fur, Bos helped her inhibit her bite. She could eat all day and play twice that long. Nap times were wonderful!!!!

Her new Dad thinks she's perfect! She has him wrapped around her paw!



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AWWWW adorable picture and puppy!!! Kudos to you (and Bosun!) for keeping him and finding him a new home. :)