barking at people


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I have a big problem with my dog who is three years old. She is a lab/shepherd mix.
My trainer has said to socialize her more but I am finding that hard since she barks at them when we are meeting them. I have her sit, wait for her to stop barking, and then go and say hello. She is o.k. then. I don't think her barking is aggressive. I should say that she barks mainly at strangers, with people she has met she is better with the barking.
Any suggestions would be appreciated because I would like to socialize her more but people are scared of her barking, which is probably her intent. Thank you. Debby and Belle:msnsad::msnsad::msnsad:


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my puppy barks so loud to get attention. i can sit down and the minute i cross my legs she knows I’m going to relax and she's has a brat fit. she's right at 15 mos and in full adolescence. she also gets frustrated and does it as she does when she's crated and people come in to the house.

i started at our trainer’s suggestion clicking for every quiet even if it was just an inhale to bark more. begin close to the crate and build up distance. you could do this without a clicker but it seemed harder to me to get that exact moment since it was often very short. i practiced myself first ringing the bell and walking in and out. some people use a life sized stuffed dog or a moving motorized dog in CGC classes to desensitize I read recently and it seems like it might really work. they're training for the part of the test where you have to meet another dog and be calm. there are probably some cheap ones on sale after xmas and holidays.

last i found that food might not distract her but a ball does. she'd rather fetch or hold a ball than bark which is a perfect doggie cork. she then comes right back inside and retrieves the ball. since she's a golden i sort of played off her instincts. you have a lab in there that might love it and GSD's also love a good tug toy or ball too. is there anything she loves?



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i'm having a similar issue with my new dog. she snaps at strange dogs who approach too excitedly and persistently. it's one thing when we are in training class socializing with intent; a totally different thing when a giant unleashed poodle jumps out at us from the bushes on a walk. frankly, i bark myself when that happens.

my boyfriend thinks we should try again until she gets it. we tried with the poodle, but the poodle jumped us again - and then again. i flat out said no for a retry with the pitbull (and i'm afraid hurt my boyfriend's feelings).


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I wouldn't try the poodle again either unless leashed and some distance is kept at first. Maybe a side by side walk, which always seems to develop a sense of camaraderie. In class you are more in control of the situation. Being blindsided means no control. Your dog doesn't have to like all other dogs and can't possibly like all other dogs. I compare this to being hugged a little too closely by a creepy person who I would much rather have just shaken hands with or exchanged a verbal how do you do. People have boundaries so do dogs.

What's important is your dog's reaction in socializing. If your pup isn't enjoying the interaction then it isn't socializing. No matter how many times you try you're not going to get me to like meeting a guy with a gun and a mask on or a polyester leisure suit. :dogbiggrin:


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Barking in the car at motorcycles, dogs and scooters

Where I live, Mexico, there are many motorcycles, 4 wheelers, dogs. horses, cows and scooters. Amost never people. In the house he barks at dogs outside but is usually very pacid He is a 2 year old golder retriever He does bark at birds flying over. He is very affectionate, house broken and great with kids. If released from the leash out side he is gone for an hour. He chases a ball inside and brings it to you
Just a few bad habbits to break


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Well, with our dogs, we tell them to hush up, if they bark at strangers we distract them by giving a command. Also, if you are meeting inside, have her sit and if she barks, give a sharp ah-ah and take her away until she is calm, come back in and if she barks again, repeat. Do this until she can come into the room without barking. Good luck!-Onyx&Jewel's Momma