Ballpond Fun!


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I bought a ballpond for my fourlegged kids. It was on sale and I had a great idea of what to do with it.
When I unpacked it was a little disappointing. It said it had 50 balls, which sounded like a lot. But when they were in the pond, they didn't even covered the bottom.

That was not what I had imagined... But I still had two bags of empty toiletrolls, So I put those in, threw a handfull of treats in there and mixed thing up.
And then the fun could begin!
Sorry, these vids are on photobucket and they won't embed.
Then I got a tip of where I could buy extra balls really cheap. So I ordered 200 extra balls.
And they arrived yesterday.

They had soooo much fun! I am really glad I got this for them. Ideal for a rainy or cold day!


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That is such a great idea! I think deja woud go after the balls more then the treats. LOL
Jinx thought she died and gone to heaven:D She took off with the first ball she saw.
But these balls are not for teeth. They are made of very thin plastic and they dent easily. So I had to show her that she had to search for the treats, not go for the balls. I guess, she figured the treats were better. Although she was not amused when I put the balls back in their containers. She stood in the pond, trying to keep me from getting the balls out:ROFLMAO:


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Looked like she was having a real ball, sorry about the pun:D:rolleyes: Aw, she didn't want to stop playing with her new toy and what a good girlie too, not to chew the balls!