Bald Eyebrow

brenda taulbee

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Hello all,
So... my accident prone 6 mo. old lab has done it again. I think.

She's to the point where she is challenging her boundaries, and her social position, so when she came home from daycare about a month ago with a tiny bald spot over her eye I assumed she had gotten into a little tiff with another dog and the bald spot was just a battle wound that would grow back quickly enough. But, it's been a little over a month since the incident, and her hair hasn't grown back. The bald spot is actually growing instead. While before it was about the size of a pinhead, it is now almost the size of a dime. It seems like there may be a little bit of swelling in the area, but nothing noticeable.

I guess I am just wondering if anyone else has gone through this? And what did you do? I'm concerned it may be mites, a fungus or an abcessed wound that we would have to get lanced...

Jean Cote

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Do you have any pictures? I think it would be easier for us to visualize what you mean. ;)


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Is the skin kind of scaly and dry? If so it could be ringworm. Hair loss and scaly skin can be classic signs of ringworm, or a million other things. One of the pups at daycare could've been exposed to a pup at home or a cat or something with ringworm. My chihuahua recently picked this up from a pup next door who was making frequent visits to my yard. Nick developed a patch on his ear where the hair was rapidly falling out.

Ringworm is a fungus, therefore your basic store-bought skin irritation creams will do nothing. Many of those are antibiotics, and fungus is not a bacteria. My vet prescribed miconazole nitrate, a cream that is also used in people to cure jock itch, athlete's foot, and other common fungi; as well as fulvicin, a tablet. Let your vet check her out. In the meantime, if it does look like ringworm, be careful not to touch it too much. Ringworm can easily be contracted by us as well. It will show up as an itchy splotch, typically a red blotchy ring with a pale center. Athlete's foot and antifungal creams will rid you of it in 3-6 weeks if I remember right.

However, you mentioned you thought it was swollen. I haven't heard of this being associated with ringworm, but if it's bothering her she could be irritating it more. No matter what it is, if it's been that long with no improvement and its actually getting worse, your best bet is to visit with your vet.


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I would def go to a vet. Even if this started as a scratch it is a means by which bacteria can get into the bloodstream or skin and cause loads of potentially serious problems. From a simple infection, ringworm, mange, MRSA (yes the dreaded flesh eating bacteria - it is treatable if done in time), or parasites from rolling in dirt or touching other dogs. Anything that doesn't heal right away usually doesn't for a reason. So get to a doc and I hope everything is ok!! :dogblush: