Back In the Game


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Hello I'm new to this site and new to puppy hood again the last time I had a pup was Nine Years ago So its time to refresh my memory again to the New Daschunds (piebald and longhair):dognowink:

Hi puppyluvr. Good luck on training your pup! Have fun. This website will really help you. Remember to do things right the first time to get rid of bad habits :doglaugh:



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you NEED more puppies. high time. congratulations on your new pup-squeak. I've read a little about piebald. is this like a piebald Dane? I don't think I’ve ever seen one. I LOVE doxies but have a deck they could squeeze straight through/under. Goldens are a bit broader through the shoulder. :dogsmile:

Names and stories would be fun! You have two? or is the long hair a piebald and one pup? post some pix. Love those puppy pix.