Baby Toys For Puppies


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Hi everyone.

Just thought I share this money saving idea with fellow dogowners.

I bought a couple of toys for my puppy, but lot's of these toys just got ripped to pieces after a few days.
A friend of mine gave me some nice baby toys - rattles, soft toys and so on. Puppy has not been able to chew through the rattles, nor has he managed to rip of arms or legs, ears and tails of any baby soft toys.
Go for second hand baby stuff instead of the expensive dog toys!



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Great tip! - though you have to be careful of the stuffing - stuffing in human objects is coated with anti-bacterial stuff and has hospitalized many dogs, i've read of dogs having black intestines after injesting it.

I doubt any soft ones would last long with my pup - also not sure if i could watch her chewing poor Tigger!! :eek:


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Hi Tash and Oka,

I didn't know about the stuffing... should have done more research before posting this here :oops:

Okay .. revision: Only let your dog chew baby toys under supervision. Don't want to get our hairy friends to get sick.

And for Tigger - he is tough. Outlasted 3 babies and his time has come to find his final destiny :cool:

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hehe, i wouldn't have thought of it till it came up on another forum! Babies aren't as tough as dogs so you'd think their toys were safe!

i could see rattly toys being really fun - those 'rain -makers' are quite cool ...may have to dig through my cupboards!


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I usually go to yard sales and pick up second hand stuffies. Most of those are only a couple of cents and are easy to find :D

Beanies are another thing to look out for if you get second hand toys. They're posionous if eaten.

Sally Honna

my dog can rip through any toy with stuffing. you always need to watch her. the toy will be new, then shredded in about 2 minutes. her main goal is to get any squeakers and all the stuffing out.

Sarah Wells

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I always get second hand baby toys for my dogs, Why would a pay a fiver for a dog stuffed toy when i can get a baby stuffed toy for 30p. It only gets completley ripped to shreds in seconds!! But i agree only let them play with them under supervision also dont buy toys tht have hard noses or eyes. As soon as my dog has made a hole in his stuffed toy and can get the stuffing out i take it from him de-stuff it and give it back to him, He doesnt mind playing with just the fabric XD