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  1. kcmetric Well-Known Member

    Hi all, I'm Katarina and my pup pals are 2.5 year old Baby (australian shepherd/gordon setter) and 6 month Chaplin (portuguese water dog).

    Both of them have a very short trick list as I haven't had the time to really do much but come November and we're gonna go for it.

    Here's what they do know (I know it's short):
    1. Sit
    2. Down
    3. Come
    4. Stand
    5. Sit pretty
    6. Spin right
    7. Spin 180 left
    8. Back up
    9. Back up through legs
    10. Weave through legs
    11. Paw and other one
    12. March in place
    13. "Tug" (open doors)
    14. Close door
    15. Pick up a dropped item
    16. Rollover
    17. High five
    18. Tunnel
    19. Jump
    20. A-Frame
    21. Lift your back leg
    22. Both an active retrieve and a retrieve from sit stay
    23. Put 'em up and dance!
    24. Take your brother on a walk = he runs over and takes Chaplin by the leash and pulls the puppy around on a "walk".

    1. Sit
    2. Down
    3. Come
    4. Play Dead
    5. Wave goodbye
    6. Shake
    7. High five
    8. Naughty dog (shy/cover)
    9. "Achoo" (gets me a tissue)
    10. Spin right
    11. Put his paw on my arm and help me up (the challenge from this thread
    12. Back up
    13. Retrieve from sit stay

    This video is kind of out of date. It was made for class under a time crunch, I didn't have the resources to make it very good but I still like to see my pups having fun.

    And if there are any questions about the end, where Baby gets the boxes, yes, I purposely had him do that; I was trying (and failed) to make a "machine built for two" as stated in the lyrics of the song, lol. Oh well, maybe next time!

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  2. southerngirl Honored Member

    Hi and welcome. Great trick list! There is a new trick challenge you might want to participate in.:) I would love to see pictures of your dogs.
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  3. Dogster Honored Member

    Welcome!!!!!!:D That's a really good trick list you have started there!!!!:) GREAT videdo, btw!!!! I think you'll fit right in with the other members of DTA.;) Have fun!!!!!
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  4. MaryK Honored Member

    Welcome!!!!!!!!:D Loved the vid.:love: Great trick list, very impressive:D:love:(y) You're definitely going to fit in here, we love tricks. Do try the new trick Challenge it's such fun, Jean sets up new tricks about once a week.
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  5. kcmetric Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the welcome all =)

    I'll be sure to get some more pictures up soon.

    I'll definitely check out the challenges.
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  6. Dlilly Honored Member


    Wow, that's a long list!! I can't wait to see some pictures. :)
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  7. wobannon Active Member

    Welcome! That is impressive for your 6 month old puppy! Keep it up!
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  8. Dioritt Well-Known Member

    Very, very impressed. I thought my daughter's dog knew a lot of tricks at 6 months but your pup leaves him standing.

    Hope you enjoy your time here and look forward to seeing more pics :)
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  9. kcmetric Well-Known Member

    Thanks all!
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