Ayla, Knoxx, Luka & I + Phoebe, Taz & Kismet

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Introducing the WyldWood Pack:
Me - Lisa - 36yrs old
I got started in training in 4-H in middle school and have been teaching professionally for almost 20 years now - and I wouldn't have it any other way!

I was taught the traditional check/prong collar methodology and after teaching that way for 7-8 years, I knew there had to be a better way. I began reading everything I could, meeting with other trainers and my life as a clicker trainer began.

I am a huge fan of Sue Ailsby's Training Levels and have worked several of my dogs through them and share her wonderful work with people everyday...

As of right now I share my life with 3 dogs [although we have 6 in the house]. I have just created blogs to track the progress with each of the dogs but haven't had time to flesh them out yet...

Ayla - 2.5yr old Newfoundland - rescued - CGC, TDI
Ayla has been with me since Nov 2010. She is a slow and methodical learner who would rather look at you adoringly from the floor than take a guess at what you want. Shaping has been almost non-existent with her but capturing and luring have worked very well. She comes to work with me everyday and is adored by many customers and staff alike.

Knoxx - est 5-6 months old Papillion x Brittany Spaniel - shelter adopted
Knoxx is my silly, smart pup. He is willing to try anything and even though he has only been with me a few months, he is certainly made a place in my heart. He will be one to watch for picking things up quickly.

Luka - est 6 months old Giant Schnauzer x Standard Poodle - rescue
Our newest addition - he and 5 siblings were dropped into a rescue a month ago. He has been home with me for about two weeks and for now we are focusing on overcoming some shyness and letting him recover from an upper respiratory infection. So far he has shown great gentleness and some wise beyond his years behavior which I look forward to working with.


Phoebe - 5 year old Mini Dachshund
Phoebe has been very very slow to come out of her shell. She is finally getting the basics down pat after a rough few months and is progressing really well now.

Taz - 4.5 month old Brussels Griffon x Chihuahua
This little sweetie loves everyone! He is quick to learn new things if you keep the reps low with lots of play in between - like any pup of his age. His enthusiasm is contagious and I love watching him learn.

Kismet - 6 month old Havacavapoo [Havanese x Cavalier King Charles x Mini Poodle]
Kismet is a very sharp little girl who swings between wanting to learn and be involved and being a bit shy. She was originally doing some early stages of psychiatric service dog work but it is most likely she will become a companion instead.


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WELCOME!!!!!! WHAT a family!!!

Just lovely dogs, each and every one of them!!! I so love that you get rescue dogs, too!! YAY!!

and i like that you did decide the choke chain and stuff was not the way to go. Almost everyone here is positive only, if not everyone, it's 99%. The owner of this site, is positive only, and so are all the mods.
Most everyone here is clicker-trainer, too!!!!

I don't know anything about the person you mentioned, but i hope you enjoy DTA as much as i do!! Do you like tricks training??


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Welcome, welcome to our family here at DTA!!!! I LOVE your pack of dogs!!!!! They are ADORABLE!!!! I'm a HUGE fan of rescuing myself (Shivon is a rescue dog), I am SOOO glad that there are more people that rescue and help dogs!!!!:ROFLMAO: It's great that you decided to clicker train instead of using the choke chains.:)


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Lovely dogs :)

I'm a huge fan of the Sue Ailsby training levels too... but my dog isn't :ROFLMAO: he just won't learn that way and I've kind of grown to like that, we base a lot of our learning journey on the levels but we don't follow the methods. My sister's pup loves working the levels with me.

Tigerlily - Charmedwolf posted about the levels ages ago and I've used them as a structure ever since, you'll find them here. I like them but I don't think they suit all dogs, though maybe it is just the intuitive learners who don't follow them so easily?

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Hi guys - thanks for the warm welcome!

I gave up corrective/aversive training in 1997 and have been clicker ever since - Click til it Sticks!

I have been training tricks for as long as I have had dogs to some degree. I remember working with my first dog - a Cocker Spaniel x Irish Water Spaniel mix named Cracker Jack my Dad brought home when I was 5. He helped me teach him a few really basic things - to follow me, sit, fetch and I remember dangling hot dog above his head to get him to sit up for it. Much later in life I had a BC mix with a 75+ word/phrase vocabulary - not alot for a BC I know but in terms of the people around me - that was pretty amazing.

I look forward to trying everything with my three - their learning styles are so different.

It's gonna be fun! :D


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What adorable dogs!! And lovely names too, hats off to you, lol! Knoxx looks like a little hearthrob! :love:

Welcome to the Academy! If you love trick training and generally just "dog talk" as much as I do, I'm sure you'll be hooked in no time. ;)
Enjoy the site!


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What a lovely bunch you have!!
Oh my, 4 dogs in the house, under 1 year of age... That must be a handfull!!!:D


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With 6 dogs in the household, there must NEVER be a dull moment!!! I bet they always keep you busy!!!!:LOL:

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There are three of us two leggers - so it isn't that bad at all. The pups listen pretty darn well on and off leash, everyone gets along, and the two older dogs are very mellow and provide a fantastic example for the younger ones.

Housebreaking was fun - considering that Phoebe [5 yo Dachshund] was not housebroken when she came so there was at least 4-5 learning at any given time. We are almost finished now - a few stray accidents but they are few and far between.

My three will rotate going to work with me and with that amount of activity - everyone is generally very well socialized and ready to crash out once we get home. Luka went for his first day today - helped with customers and attended 4 of my training classes. He made me so proud - he was a very well mannered boy to have only been here with us three weeks!

Knoxx is home recovering from his neuter - he came home with post surgical incontinence which has been fun but once he is all better - he can get in a rotation as well. Ayla also had complications with her spay last week - they must have damaged her trachea when they intubated as she came home with a wicked wheeze/couch/rasp that was not present before. So now she is on antibiotics and doesn't get why she has to stay at home when she normally comes to work everyday.

That drama aside - it is actually easier to live with this pack then some people. :ROFLMAO:

I do Board & Train and foster from time to time as well and that can bring our numbers up around 10 but luckily my cousin is awesome and is always there to lend a hand. Here she is with part of our group before Knoxx, Taz, Luka and Kismet came along. Three dogs to the right were Board & Trains, and the dark brown girl was a lovely foster.

They tend to stay together as a pack really well - often separated by size...Knoxx, Luka & Ayla...

with the little ones - Taz, Phoebe & Kismet staying together...

But generally - everyone is very good...

Here is one of my roommates with all the pack - notice she has all the leads in one hand :LOL:We were delivering goodie bags to our new neighborhood to say Hi and the dogs came out as show them they had nothing to worry about. All in all - I wouldn't have it any other way!


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GREAT PICS, LISA!!!!! I love how dogs organize themselves according to size!!!! At the dog park, Shivon tends to play with the medium-sized dogs, the big dogs always play with eachother, and the small dogs are always under the picnic table. LOL!!! :dogsmile::D


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I'm a little late but WELCOME! BAH your Newfie is adorable! and so are the rest :) I have/had a blog to track my training but I have only been on it once or twice.

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Such a lovely big family you have! I must admit, I find the Doxie beautiful--but, I'm a little partial on that score. Fact is, they are all lovely. Congrats, you have a charming four paw family!