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Discussion in 'Dog Behavior Problems' started by southerngirl, Dec 28, 2012.

  1. southerngirl Honored Member

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  2. madeleine Experienced Member

    I'll read along with you.
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  3. MaryK Honored Member

    Sorry your stuck in bed, but I'll read along with you too - it's too hot here to go outside during the day well for me anyway!
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  4. jackienmutts Honored Member

    Awww, bummer that you're stuck in bed :(, just read the P.McConnell article (she's my idol!!!) - and of course, loved it. I got caught up reading all the comments after the article also - and haven't read the other articles yet, but will.

    Keep at it with Missy, don't give up. Just had the best walk with Makena this morning - and remember, she was the GSD who was up on her hind legs, lunging, barking, redirecting onto Alfie and taking him down on the sidewalk or street (poor guy), and ready to fight any dog she saw on a walk a few years ago! She was downright scary. We passed several dogs this morning, and as always, I watch her body language like a hawk. More and more, I'm noticing that she's barely glancing at them, and just walking on. (y) I can see relief in her when we zigzag across streets (because of dogs behind fences, oncoming dogs being walked, etc). She knows I'll never ask her to stop for meet'n' greets, and she hasn't redirected onto Alf in such a long time (altho I'm always on edge - it happened so many times, I just can't forget :confused:). I was watching her this morning, we passed a big dog being walked across the street, she barely glanced over, glanced at me, and had a slack-jaw, and a happy 'doggie smile' on her face, and went on prancing down the street. She's a different dog. When we were walking this morning, I was thinking about how far she's come and was almost in awe of her progress and just amazed at the trust she has in me, and I in her. It's a long road, but worth every step. Keep on that journey with Missy. Keep reading, and learning. She'll make you learn more, and she'll teach you more, than you ever dreamed possible. :love:
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  5. MaryK Honored Member

    Jackie is so right Southerngirl. I was going to make this a new thread but think it's better to post here, as it will give you some more hope:)

    Tonight Ra Kismet and I went out late, as it's darned hot, for our walk. We were just walking along and ahead was a group of people, farewelling etc. Nothing to that Ra Kismet doesn't mind, but, he was 'alerting' a little. I took a closer look and yep, another dog, Peke in the arms of a mature lady. Last thing I needed Rakins lunging - can you imagine how well that would have gone down!!!!

    We were too close to cross, so I just slightly turned Rakins and asked for 'sit'. The little chap sat immediately and earned the comment from another lady 'ah he's so cute and obedient':) I thanked her, smiled sweetly and inwardly had a wee chuckle as I knew why I'd asked for sit. Rakins earned a mass of treats for that effort!

    Further along on our walk, we came to a T intersection, and Rakins, who's normally very good at 'curb drill' wasn't taking the slightest notice but looking across at a reserve. I followed his gaze and there was a very quiet, very large, German Shepherd quietly nosing around OFF THE LEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!! Asked for 'curb drill" and got eye focus too, and as it was a quiet road, didn't worry about looking right/left etc. but just crossed as soon as Rakins sat. The GS was on the other side of the road, hard to explain, after we had crossed.

    Thought we were over it all then heard the thunder of very large hooves (ooops paws) coming up BEHIND! Worst thing with my boy as that's where the attack came from! I very quickly went into 'look at me' treat dispenser mode and also called, without looking back, "please call your dog mine is afraid he was attacked' - to the chaps credit he said "O.K." and the thunder of hooves, oops paws, disappeared. I also have to add that the chap had another dog, not sure what breed as it was getting quite dark, but similar size to a GS, this dog was on the lead but two dogs in the dark!!!!!!!!!! Have to add, the GS wasn't dog aggressive, somehow I just knew that, he wanted to say "Howdy Happy New Year" nothing more but in the past that would have set off Rakins big time, way over threshold!!!!!!!!

    Rakins was a little aroused but no where near over the threshold, and he gave me eye contact when asked to 'look at me', only loosing it once when he took a peak behind but very quickly regained it!!!!!!! He was prancing a little but at my side not in front/behind etc. and did take his treats a little 'roughly' but other than that he walked like a perfect gentleman, no wild lunging, pulling or anything!!!!!!!!!! Aroused yes, but NOT even close to over threshold!

    A few weeks ago, I would have been hanging on for grim death just trying to keep my own balance!!!!!!!

    And he quickly settled afterwards and needless to say got a HUGE reward. Oh I also reassured him that he was fine, all was well and stayed very calm myself.

    So don't give up, Missy will 'get it' you're doing so well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

    As Jackie has said, keep reading, keep learning, Missy will teach you so much. I learned to stay calm, as we all know our nerves shoot down that lead so fast, even the slightest tension on our part (I'm not a nervous person but.....) is immediately communicated to the dog. So I stayed very calm, didn't get nervous or upset or even think about the attack, just 'saw' myself and Rakins walking along normally,which I know helped Rakins behave so well. And he's always a little more 'alert' in the dark too!
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  6. MaryK Honored Member

    And again, thank you for the articles, spent this afternoon reading them, very, very helpful!:)(n)
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  7. southerngirl Honored Member

    Thank you Jakie and MaryK for your stories of success it' s very encouraging. I' m glad you guys liked the articles, if you have a articles that you've read before and found helpful please share.
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  8. southerngirl Honored Member

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  9. jackienmutts Honored Member

    "Click to Calm" is excellent!!! My copy is so dog-eared (no pun intended) :LOL: and I've recommended it to so many people! The "Feisty Fido" class I attended with Makena a few years ago used a lot of Emma Parsons' protocols from the book. Get it if you can, or even better, if you can find a cheap copy on Amazon and get it, it would be great to have to keep referring back to. Sometimes you can find really cheap used copies that are still in good condition.

    How's your foot?
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  10. southerngirl Honored Member

    It sounds like a great book. I' 'll try to get my own copy on Amazon.
    My foot hurts a lot, but it helps keeping myself distracted with reading the articles.
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  11. MaryK Honored Member

    It's a great book!!!!!!!! Sure hope your foot is a lot better now, good idea to keep yourself distracted reading articles though!:)(y)
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  12. madeleine Experienced Member

    Ooh i want that book to :(
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  13. southerngirl Honored Member

    I'm getting the click to calm on my Kindle, because it's too expensive paper back even used ones.
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