Are You Shy? -How do you train it?


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Thanks Fickla. She's got it now. She can do it laying down or sitting. It's really cute except she keeps offering it! LOL


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yay, and lucky you!!! this is one trick that I can't seem to get perfect. both of mine understand that their paw is to touch their nose but I just can't get them to hold it! of course if I were to actually practice it might make a difference ;)


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I love 'shy' - and when my GS Makena finally got it, I think she realized how cute I thought it was, cuz she offered it every time I looked at her - for weeks! :msngiggle: And of course, it made me laugh - and the more I smiled or laughed, the more she offered it. What an actress!

It's so much fun when they finally get a cute trick (and yeah, even kind of bug you with it - kind of like a kid - like, look what I'm doing, aren't I cute??). hehehe