Anyone In Vancouver Bc?

Discussion in 'Find Training Partners' started by blacknym, Mar 20, 2013.

  1. blacknym Experienced Member

    Me and Deja would love to find some training friends. :)
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  2. sara Moderator

    nope, but I'm only about 15 hours from there :p
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  3. sara Moderator

    Just an afternoon drive for ya! LOL
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  4. blacknym Experienced Member

    Haha!!! Where are you?
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  5. sara Moderator

    Red Deer, AB :)
  6. blacknym Experienced Member

    AH! Thats cool. Ive never spent that much time in AB.
  7. sara Moderator

    And I haven't spent much time in BC ;)
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  8. blacknym Experienced Member


    Well if I'm ever in the area ill let ya know. Lol
  9. Dogster Honored Member

    I'm in Ontario. I wish Canada was smaller! LOL:D
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  10. blacknym Experienced Member

    Haha!! Yeah I think so to at times.
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  11. islandscribe New Member

    Nanaimo - just a short(ish) ferry ride away. :-)
  12. blacknym Experienced Member

    Hi there!! I love Nanaimo. It is beautiful there.

    What kind of dogs do you have? :)
  13. blacknym Experienced Member

    Oh! My YouTube is

    Blacknymeria you can look it up if you like.
  14. Pia Lagotto Well-Known Member

    I'm in Cultus Lake BC
  15. blacknym Experienced Member

    Yay more BCers. Lol

    We need more BCers to sign up here. :nods

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