any shih tzus?


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i was wondering if anyone is training a shih tzu ? i have one that i plan to start working with . i was hoping to find some videos of them . And i wondered if there were any breed or small dog training quirks that i should be aware of or indeed if they have strengths in a particular area.


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My dog is a shih tzu.. . . and I highly recommend to train your shih tzu while he's young. . . .. I started training when my dog was about 1 year old. . . . and he is pretty much stubborn when it comes to some tricks.For example, stand up(on fours), handstand and one more I forgot. . . . Their strengths are all equal and fun and easy to train with. Just dont push the little guy when he doesn't want to do the trick. hope it helps! Good luck on training your furry friend!