Any Flyballers out there?

Discussion in 'Dog Sports' started by k9player, Feb 2, 2008.

  1. k9player Experienced Member

    I was wondering if anybody out there plays flyball with their dog/s. My husband and I have three dogs, and play flyball with one of them - Delta. This year will be her second year of competing. Thought I would start a couple of other threads in this forum about a couple of other dog Activities too...

  2. storm22 Experienced Member

    storm and i have tried it a couple of times he liked it but unfortunality our club (only one in my town) hasnt the equipment to get it off the ground but there looking into it as a couple of us liked it,
    its funny watching the dogs try get the ball the first few times
  3. k9player Experienced Member

    I don't think there is a lot of the newer style flyball boxes in New Zealand yet. They are not cheap here around $1000AUD for a good quality metal frame box. I don't know who makes them over there. Delta goes crazy at flyball and absolutely loves it. I think it is her favorite thing (with frisbee a close second). I believe New Zealand does something pretty unique with flygility (sort of a cross between flyball and agility). I think Delta would love that.
  4. amanda85 Guest

    we have DIY flyball box in my training centre... i dunno how they manage to construct it, but it still work find for us, but the ball comes out from the middle, not the side...

    this july 2008 there will be the 1st ever flyball tournament being held in my country....n i'm looking forward to be one of the contestant...

    n only when ppl hears there will be competition, everyone starts to get serious in the sport... previously there are only a couple of dogs doing demo to introduce the sport to the public...
  5. hockey390 New Member

    What is flyball?
  6. yoyopoodle Well-Known Member

    I was given a flyball box but haven't had time yet to work much with Charlie on it... I'm new to the sport and don't know anyone close enough to teach me.

    Charlie's sister competes and has done really well :)
  7. k9player Experienced Member

    For those wondering what flyball is, here is a video of part of a Brisbane flyball comp in July 2007. (Delta is the border collie in the foreground at approx 38 second mark).


    Flyball is like drag racing for dogs. It is a relay race between teams of four dogs and their handlers, over four jumps to a spring loaded box, that releases a ball on contact. The dog needs to grab the ball and return over the four jumps, then the next dog goes and so on...

    Its high energy and the dogs love it. :dogtongue2:

    Not sure why, but the video isn't working on my computer, however if you right-click and open in new window on the U-tube link it does work.
  8. k9player Experienced Member

  9. bigboytex New Member

    I love FlyBall...but unfortnantly im to poor to afford a trying to build one but its not going so well...I dont think anybody around here does it much eather.......but it would be nice to get some flyball stuff on the site
  10. chevycgc Well-Known Member

    Flyballin in Ft. Lauderdale

    I am new to this group but I have been playing flyball since 2002. My Belgian Malinois Loki is in the top 10 of his breed nationally and one of my mini Aussies, Scrammy is probably 11 or 12 at this point. We haven't been to a tournament in months so we may have been passed.

    You can see them at or their team website flyballdogs .com/waverunners

  11. k9player Experienced Member

    Hi Chevy

    I haven't seen any mini Aussies over here (in Australia). Most of the Auusie's here are slightly larger than, and more thickset than a Border collie. Scrammy looks like a little pocket rocket. I see you are into frisbee too! I haven't seen many Mallinois here (but there are some). Flyball in Australia is a little different. We do not have a ranking system, and our points system is different (it changed a couple of years ago just before Delta and I started racing. One point per clean 4 dog run, plus a bonus point if you win the heat. Australian flyball website is here if you are interested. My club is Awesome Pawsome Delta will probably get her FMX (700 points) title at the next comp (our nationals). With the number of comps here in Queensland, attending all of them, it is only really possible to get about 300 points (of our ponts) in a year without travelling thousands of kilometres interstate. Frisbee as a dog sport is relatively new over here, and hasn't really taken off yet. Damian and Karen Noud, who lived in America for a few years have been working at getting it going I hear there is 2 flyball codes in the US - NAFA and U-Fli?
  12. k9player Experienced Member

    Tex, Are you trying to do flyball stuff by yourself, or is there a group of you working together?
  13. tx_cowgirl Honored Member

    Tex is my buddy, and we're attempting to get a group together. It's slow-going, but we're trying. :dogsmile: My Border Collie/Blue Heeler and my Border Collie are both good candidates for it. Zeke, the BC/Heeler, would be fantastic, and I've started a little training with him recently. We're both amateurs, still learning about flyball, but it looks like great fun and Zeke needs something to burn some more energy. :doghappy:
  14. bigboytex New Member

    well..thats pretty much it me and cowgirl are working slowey but steadly twords a flyball team.
  15. bunjeebuddy New Member

    Where in TX are you? I live in the Dallas metroplex and know several clubs and trainer that participate in flyball. If you in this area I can pass on the info if you'd like.:dogsmile:
  16. sisduh New Member

    I just started two of my dogs, Cricket and Pirate in flyball classes this past sunday. So far so good. :) They're potential height dogs for our local team if everything works out.
  17. chevycgc Well-Known Member

    Yes there are two Flyball organizations here now. Ufli measures their dogs differently so there heights are much smaller.

    Yes Scrammy is a little pocket rocket and Hasty is in training. Scrammy's brother, Digger, also runs flyabll on our team and runs like lightening too.

    Jeez, the way you have your point system over there it will take forever to get titles. The point system you described is how we score races. The team gets 1 point per heat and 1 for the win but that is just for the tournament win and placement.

    Scrammy's ranking has fallen a couple spots to I think 12 in all the mini aussies in North America and Loki is ranked number 6 in the country!

    Damian Noud sounds very familiar to me.

    Glad you are having fun with flyball.

  18. stormi Well-Known Member

    I would love to do flyball with Breeze. Sadly there isnt a team near here we can train with as she has had a go a few times and is fast.

    We have two types of flyball in the UK too...BFA flyball with a box like the one shown in k9player's sig. and the KC flyball (like they have at Crufts) where the dog presses a pedal to release the ball from a catapult behind the box. The dog then needs to catch the ball. There is more room for error on that type of flyball (so more exciting for spectators?) but also a greater risk of injury...for Breeze I prefer the BFA flyball.
  19. maggies mom Well-Known Member

    I watched the video that k9player posted and OH MY GOSH!!! My sheltie would absolutely love that. Her tennis ball is her favorite toy!!
  20. twobigfeets New Member

    I do flyball with my two dogs a flatcoated retriever and a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever and am training a border collie at the moment. I think I have the only Flatcoated Retreiver in Australia competing.

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