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Discussion in 'Puppies' started by MileyMorkie, Feb 4, 2013.

  1. MileyMorkie New Member

    Our morkie used to always come and lay with us the second we sat down. Now she prefers to lay in her bed or under our couch. She is a little over ten months old. Is this just a phase she's going through? It's a little disappointing because I wanted a lap dog and now she's hardly ever in my lap!
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  2. MaryK Honored Member

    It's a phase she's going through. Miley is now a teenager and is showing her 'independence', just like human teenagers:D "Yikes sit on Mom's lap? No WAY".

    Don't try to push her, just allow her to come back on your lap, which she will sooner or later. If you don't take any notice of her when she's lays on her bed or under the couch, she'll soon realize that it's just grand to sit on Mom's lap and get heaps of love and attention. Being ignored isn't really what she wants at all so ignore her when she's sitting elsewhere:eek:

    My boy, much bigger and definitely not supposed to be a lap dog, by breed anyway, always loved to sit on my lap, then went through a phase of not wanting too, now he's back BIGGER than ever on my lap:D
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  3. MileyMorkie New Member

    Thanks for your response! I had read that they could go through independent phases, but I wasn't sure that's what we were experiencing. We will do our best to ignore her and see if she comes around. Otherwise, I have a 60 pound pitbull mix that would love to lay in my lap!:LOL:
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  4. MaryK Honored Member

    Yes they go through teenager phase just like humans:D LOL oh wish I lived close by, I'd be willing to have a 60 pound Pit Bull X sit on my lap:D Keep you warm in winter!
  5. Gracegeorgina Experienced Member

    It's a phase, my Gilbert went through it!
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