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Hi, I'm Lexi, I have 3 dogs, 2 are my own and one belongs to my roommates. I'm 23 and a Client Service Coordinator at a Pet hospital in San Antonio TX. I graduated from Ohio State with a degree in Animal Science.

Qwill is a Border Collie/ Australian Cattle Dog mix. We estimate that he's about 2 1/2. I've had Qwill for 6 months. He was a rescue from CCPAL in Bandera TX. He is starting intermediate obedience (first class starts in 2 hours!). Training finally clicked with him last night, so i'm trying to tap into his newly opened brain and teach him fun tricks.
Currently knows: Sit/down/wait/stay/come/shake/high five/wave
Working on: heel, back up and play dead

Shiner is a Border Collie mix who we estimate to be just over 2 1/2. He's a small fry weighing in at 33lbs and 17 inches high (compared to Qwill who is 49lbs and 22inches high). Shiner is a rescue from Ruff Mutt Border Collie Rescue in Dallas TX. I've had him one month so he's still learning house rules, but i'm hoping to start his trick training soon to build our relationship up quickly.
Currently knows: sit/down/wait
Working on: stay, shake

Daisy is my roommate's Lab / Chow mix. She is about 1 1/2. She is a love bug and wants nothing more than to lick you to death. I call her my special ed, but she's got a brain under her stubborn exterior.
Currently knows: sit/down/wait/stay/shake/high five/roll over/get the banana (spin to the right)
Working on: Watch me and back up

I'm glad to have found this site!


I just came across this sight in the last couple days myself. It sure sounds like you have a lot of fun training new tricks. I am heading to obedience class tonight in a couple minutes with my older one Camden (on the left). She is GRADUATING tonight. She was a rescue that was very neglected and came with a lot of issues. She sure has come a long way since going to classes. She is very smart and catches on very fast. I taught her how to pray this weekend. It is really cute. My other one Masey (right) doesn't catch on quite so fast. Hopefully, that will improve with age. She is only 7 months. Good luck with class and have fun with all the new tricks.

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Wow thank you for that very detailed introduction!!!! We are happy to have you and your three dogs here at the Academy! :dogsmile:

There will be more lessons added soon but for the meantime please do check out our monthly challenges. This month we are competing for Shy (touch your nose) and Put your toys away!!

HeHe, there are no real prizes but it's really fun to train and "compete" or show off what we've taught our dogs. Hope to see you there! :)

MTNDOGS: Congratulations on your obedience training!! Obedience is really the key that unlocks all tricks training - if you train positively that is.. :)


I couldn't agree with you more on the obedience being so important. Our Kennel Club works with the local shelters to help inform potential owners on the importance of training your dog/puppy so that they don't return back to the shelters as unwanted pets. So many people find cute little puppies who, as they grow, can develop into obnoxious teenagers if not trained properly. Then they aren't so cute anymore and become more of an annoyance. It's really sad to see!!!


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Welcome lexio2,
You definately sound like you have a talented bunch. I've haven't been here long but have found this place to be very helpful, supportive and fun. You definately have a great resource to help you think up tricks and have tips on training.

Welcome mtndogs,
Congratulations to Camden. That's great. Camden sounds very lucky.

Hope to see you both around the boards and in challenges. I look forward to any pictures/videos you'd like to share.


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Hi Lexio2,
We are glad to have you here at the Academy! I joined this month also, and have met some really great dog people here and have learned so much from them. Everyone is willing and ready to share their experiences and to help you with any problems you encounter in your training. The challenges are fun and give you that extra push to keep at something and the threads for them allow you to fine tune your training. Come on over and join us, it is not too late for March!


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i believe i can add photos now, so here is a group shot of my three goof balls. From left to right: Qwill, Daisy, and Shiner.