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Hi all,

I'm a newbie! I've been looking at this site for a few months and it's been absolutely fantastic at helping me with my training. My dog, Bailey, is a labradoodle, he came to me after i lost my beloved weimaraner last year and he made me smile again. He's so bright and seems to really enjoy learning, we do go to classes but it's fairly basic so have been teaching him some tricks as well.

We are trying for this months challenge with the cross paws but seem to have come to a bit of a standstill! We are managing the targetting but when i move the target to the other side of his paw he just uses the wrong foot to hit it (and then eats the bit of paper!!!) I think perhaps i am rushing him and need to take it back a stage, what do you think?

Cheers all, Catharine


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Welcome to you and your new sweetie. I'm sorry to hear about your Weimie passing. I'll be this new little guy does make it all easier on your heart. I'm about the same place you are on cross paws. I am still using a little glad disposable container to cover the treat and holding it down with my fingers. Just wait a bit and see if you ignore the wrong paw or the mouthing if he'll hit it with the right paw. Then we went to lying down. I started standing and rewarded only the right paw and I used a clicker. For the paper stage I'm sure my puppy will eat it so I thought a target stick might work better.

If your dog doesn't already know how to target the stick with a paw it's very quick to teach. My puppy is unlikely to bite it since she's used to it. My older dog I'm trying with paper tomorrow. We'll see how it goes. :dogsmile: Good Luck!!!


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Remember you have to move the target very slowly. Move it closer and closer to the other paw until he understands that he has to cross over that one to hit the target. Take it slow and easy. :) He'll catch on!

My, you went from one active, smart breed to another. ^^ Weims are one of my faves by far. Very intelligent. There are a few labradoodle owners here as well. Good luck with your dog, and welcome to the Academy! Enjoy the site!


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You are right about two active, smart breeds! So very different though, my weim was very bright but only did things on his own terms!! The doodle has that lab desire to please!

I've ordered a target stick today so hoping that will help with this months challenge as he's still trying to eat the paper!! But doing this challenge has really helped with his 'paw awareness'. he's offering paw and high five constantly now whereas before he wasn't so keen.

Absolutely loving the videos of everybody's clever dogs - such an inspiration!