Another Newbie!!


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With winter coming I decided to join up here to find new things to teach my dog, Bayley. She's a 2.5 year old shep/husky mix. Very smart, lots of energy and lots of fun. She lives with 2 cats, a Maine Coon..big kitty and a Manx, not quite so big I'm also in the process of enrolling in Karen Pryor's Dog Trainer course so I figure that this site will help me learn how to do different things. I'm also hoping to teach my cats a few tricks since I have to train another companion animal as part of my course.

Jean Cote

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Wow, glad you are excited about training your animals! :) Have you enrolled in Karen's program? I think it is somewhere around $5300 ...


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I'm just waiting to have my references checked so hopefully will be starting before the end of the month. I've already started clicker training my dog and will also be working with my cats.


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Hi Welcome

I have a couple of 6 month kittens, Maine Coon/Ragdoll crosses. I've tried clickertraining them but not with much success as they take so long to eat treats - no matter how small I make them. Not quite the same as a dog who will wolf things down double quick time. Any tips?!