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  1. MaryK Honored Member

    Oh life as a puppy is just so exciting. One adventure after another!

    Yesterday we all went to the Beach!!!!!!! Yes, finally I got to go there!

    It was such fun, I wasn't at all afraid of anything, well maybe a little of an ill mannered Terrier, more on him in a moment. But the sand beneath my paws was wonderful, even though WOL I did have a wee bit of trouble running fast on the soft sand. I did a kind of bunny bop over that.

    And the ocean, it stretched for miles and miles, I couldn't even see (oops is that a pun?) the end of it. Mom said it went right over the horizon. That must be so far away.

    Daddy wanted me to stay on my lead but Mom said that wasn't quite fair as Leafy always has a free run and besides I do have very good recall. Also Leaf would make sure I didn't get into any trouble or run too far away. So, I got to run off lead - WHEEEEEEEW!!!!!!!!

    As we went in the afternoon Leaf's usual buddies weren't there but hey I made some friends of my own.

    First a big, portly, greying a little (or should that be distinguished silver) Goldie walk over, he was so polite, made all the proper Doggy introductions and then showed me how to enter the water. I wasn't backward in following his lead either, oh it was grand, all that water. We splashed around and had such a grand time until his human called him.

    Then some other doggies came over and we all said how-do-you do and played for a little while. I just LOVE meeting other dogs, it's all so friendly and fun, fun, fun.

    Of course Leafy and I played and played. We played Chasey, naturally she won , I can see why she's nick-named The Little Pocket Rocket. Boy can my sister FLY!!! She looks like a Greyhound coming down the straight (not that we approve of racing them) she's so fast! But I aquitted myself very well. Naturally she also bowled me over a few times and Daddy got worried and told her not to be so rough. But hey, I don't mind and I 'get her back' by biting her mouth:giggle::giggle:

    Daddy also took a ball for me to fetch. I love playing fetch but my sister does somewhat spoil the fun. She seems to think I mustn't get the ball, so Mom had to keep her occupied while Daddy and I played fetch. Silly Daddy though threw the ball waaaaaaaaay to far the first time. Honestly I think he thought he was bowling for England, Mom had to let him know just short, low throws not over arm fast bowling as I'm only a puppy.

    And guess what??? You may know that Ms. Diva Leaf is totally allergic to water, messes up her fur or something, I went boldly in and got treats she just couldn't be left out and actually got her paws and her legs wet!!! Now this has to be a first. I was surprised the news peeps didn't arrive to report on this astonishing event. It may never happen again with Leaf but I know I will definitely go into the big Ocean, I just loved all that water. Oh I was covered in sand, wet and having such a jolly time.

    I was very good with all the people, didn't misbehave once and came right back to Mom or Dad just as I've practiced so much at home. Mom was so proud of me, as BTW she was a little concerned about my ability to remember recall with so many distractions.

    The only disappointment for me, well more Leaf as she's experienced in these matters and has promised Zac she will train me - it's their first mission in making me a cool puppy - the Seagulls for some reason were no where to be seen. Not one single one. Don't know if they got word Leaf was coming and all flew off but not a single one was spotted and believe me Leaf assures me if there had been any she would have spotted them and given chase. For my part, whilst I really want to be a 'cool puppy' and join Zac and Leaf's Brother hood (I'm a Cadet at present) I wasn't all that worried because I know there will be another chance for me to learn how to chase Seagulls. Mom says I mustn't do that, but hey I'm going to listen to Zac and Leaf on this one cuz I'm a cool puppy:cool: .

    I did have one little 'squeal' moment. Daddy and Mommy were playing their usual game with Leaf, standing way apart and having her run between them, and I was joining in as best I could - I just cannot run quite as fast as Leaf - when up come this rather rude Terrier. His name, we all discovered because his humans kept calling him, was Jackson. He was a little in your face, actually my face to be precise, and I wasn't too happy about that. Daddy protected me and Leaf, who had just reached Mom, absolutely FLEW back to see what had upset me. Mom said she did hold her breath, as she didn't want any trouble, but fortunately Leaf's a very well mannered girl and she didn't cause any problems. Daddy had me cuddled up between his legs too. Eventually Jackson did respond to his peeps but I've a message for him - "Jackson, if you want to say Hi please read the book on Doggy Etiquette it's not polite to be so in your face it's scary especially for little puppies" - but I don't think he meant any harm. Just not well read. And had he been more polite I'd have willingly played chase with him, he was cute;)

    The other thing Leaf wanted me to discover were stinky fish remains. Mom and Dad were both very pleased we didn't find any, even though we tried very, very hard, cuz they said it makes the car smell on the way home. Plus of course, we are not so nice to be near either - well for humans anyway.

    But oh it was such fun and I cannot wait to go again. Now I'm a certified Beach Babe as well as a City Slicker.

    I did sleep all the way home, it's tiring being at the beach. Leaf said as I grow I'll be able to run more and not get tired so quickly. I sure hope she's right cuz I want to run and swim and play ALL day!
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  2. running_dog Honored Member

    Aww sorry you missed out on stinky fish remains Blossom, but you do need to keep some excitements for next time! I'm sure you'll have lots of opportunities to meet stinky fish AND seagulls in the future :D
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  3. MaryK Honored Member

    Thank you Ms. Running Dog:) Guess what? We went again! But it was night time and I STILL haven't been able to learn to chase Seagulls. I did get close to stinky fish. A Cuttlefish shell but Dad took it away before I could really get close up and personal. I also found a funny tiny light, not quite sure what it was but it was fluro, led, very tiny and green. Did it sparkly in the dark but again (sigh) Daddy took it away cuz he said it was dangerous and could harm me.

    I'm hoping to go again soon, in the day time, but at present it's just way to hot for anyone to even think of going to the beach during the day. Mom said we may go tonight, before it get dark, if the cool change arrives and it is a COOL change not just a slight shift in the air.

    Oh I'm finding life so exciting, even just morning walks are such fun!
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  4. running_dog Honored Member

    Yes Blossom, it's much better to leave lights alone. Zac's friend Harvey once picked up a big lightbulb, I did not dare try to intervene because I thought that if I did Harvey would go Chomp-gulp, there was a horrible moment where I kind of pointed and squeaked and thankfully one of his owners realised what was happening and reacted instantly with a big authoritative voice for the occasion and for once in his life Harvey did as he was told and dropped it.

    Hope you get some cool weather soon :)
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  5. MaryK Honored Member

    Thank goodness Harvey managed to do as he was told! I can understand why you didn't intervene, but you did alert and that saved the day and Harvey!(y)

    It has cooled down a little, so this afternoon we went for a long walk along the river, which leads out to the Beach! There's loads of shade, so that made the walk o.k. though we had a drink at the drinking fountain. Mom lifted me up and I 'got it' immediately but WOL Leafy didn't like drinking from the fountain and Dad had to make a cup with his hands. Honestly Zac and Gus she's such a Diva!:rolleyes:

    And, and, and I got to chase seagulls! YAH!!!!!!!!!! I wasn't allowed to chase the birds along the river, also I was kept on my lead although Leafy was allowed off cuz she comes back when called. Mom said I wasn't used to this area and there are horses all along there and it would be all too easy for me to slip under the wire fence, though I wasn't all that interested in them, but even so I had to stay leashed.:(

    But once we were on the beach, WOWEEE!!!!!!! Leafy showed me how to chase seagulls. So many peeps and dogs, it was such fun and I went in for a swim, and Leaf is now coming into the water more too. Oh I do love the beach, getting all wet and covered in sand is such fun. And meeting all the other doggies, I'm not in the least afraid, Mom says I'm a very confident young puppy. Plus the peeps think I'm so cute and I get loads of belly rubs.:D

    I've slept all night though, I was one tired but very happy puppy.:sleep::sleep::sleep::sleep:
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  6. kassidybc Experienced Member

    Sounds like you had a ton of fun at the beach Blossom!! I'm glad that you finally got the chance to chase seagulls! They're so fun aren't they? Maybe one day you will get to chase sheep, those are the best! -Chloe
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  7. running_dog Honored Member

    Well done Leaf! Way to go Blossom! You'll soon be a fully fledged rebel! :cool:

    I expect you chased all those seagulls all over again in your dreams all night :)

    BTW look out for voles, they look like they are easy to chase but that can be an illusion. I was right behind one once chasing it from grass tussock to grass tussock and having a wonderful time when it suddenly turned on me, that's right, it was supposed to be running away, that's the game after all and instead it turned round stood up to it's full height (all of 4 inches) and shrieked up into my face! Then it whipped round and disappeared forever into the grass before I could get my breath to answer back. Really not sporting at all!

    Your friend Zac - fully fledged deer, rabbit, pheasant, squirrel, vole, and aeroplane chaser
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  8. MaryK Honored Member

    Well Leafy told me there are sheep a long way away but *sigh* she said Mom kept her leashed cuz the farmers get very angry if you chase their sheep. Doesn't anyone understand a little doggy? We dont' want to kill the sheep just have some fun. Oh well, guess I'll have to settle for seagulls for now, though chasing sheep sounds like it would be HUGE fun!
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  9. MaryK Honored Member

    Ooooh that's exciting, I want to become a fully fledged Rebel!(y)

    Yes, chased and chased those seagulls in my dreams. It's such fun!

    Now that's really not cricket at all, so unsportsman like of the Vole. To shriek in your face and not give you a chance to reply, really his Mom wouldn't be pleased about his manners that's for sure.

    Zac you are an accomplished Rebel what adventures you must have had, and still keep having. We have aeroplanes here too, never thought of trying to chase them. I'm trying to chase cars now, but Mom and Leafy have said that's too dangerous. Apparently cars don't give a puppy a sporting chance at all. Of course I'm leashed when I see them and Mom keeps saying "look at me" and treating me the second she sees a car coming, but oh they do look like fun to chase.

    Your Friend Blossom an upcoming Cadet
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