Agoraphobic puppy


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Today I finally got so fed up I loaded Jewels up in the car and took her to the park. There we ran into animal control lady. I spoke to her about Jewels not wanting to go outside the door and when she does she runs right back whining. She suggested that I take her to the dog park, so off we went. Now I had to literally load Jewels up in the car then drag her out. But when we got to the dog park I couldn't believe what happened!!!! I am so happy :msngiggle: She took off running and played and played with the other dogs!!!! And she even socialized with other humans!! From a puppy who was scared to death of other people and the outdoors I think she did great. She didn't go to the bathroom there but it's a start. I plan on taking her again this afternoon and see what happens.:dogunsure:
I am afraid though that she will not learn to go potty outside here at the apartment complex, any suggestions would be helpful. Looking forward to getting to know you...