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  1. tango61 New Member

    Hi there
    Just wondering i have only seen agility on tv...
    is it hard? Would it be harder for a smaller older (and chubbier) dog?

  2. Jean Cote Administrator

    Any dog can do it. They lower the jumps to accommodate the dog's size. But you need very good off leash verbal control around other dogs.

    If you want to start training, look up on the internet or your yellow pages for agility training in your area. Most people do it for fun so you can probably find a place or a group of people who practice together.
  3. tango61 New Member

    okay sounds good. i just wasnt sure.
    and my dog listens very well to me when other dogs are around..
  4. ava hairymutt New Member

    That's a very good start. As work is done off lead our agility trainer insists on any dog coming to classes to have had a basic training to at least novice level that way all owners have good control over their dogs and fun is had by all. rather than one out of control dog causing mayhem amongst the dogs and dark muttering amongst the owners!
    Good luck in finding a good class for you and your dog. It is great fun and most dogs just love it.
  5. snooks Experienced Member

    Many of the dogs in our agility classes were very small like Poms, Papillions, pugs, corgis, bostons, toy poodles etc. So a very small dog can do and excel at obedience. Getting the pudgy off him will make him healthier too. And no it's not hard, you progress through several levels depending on your current training level.

    Even if he's not a puppy you could take a puppy beginners class. the obstacles are smaller and the focus is on learning mechanics and smaller heights etc. It's so much fun, I got hooked 4 years ago with no intention of doing so. Rally-O is also similar but all on the floor. It's really obedience and choreography like turns and really focused turns, stops etc. Google rally and see what all else there is. Freestyle, flyball, and a number of canine sports are also out there. See what you and your dog enjoy and have fun.
  6. vivian New Member

    Paddy, Moo and I do agility and we love it. They are both mini schnauzers and measured small which means they jump the smaller sized jumps. Paddy is quite slow but precise and usually always goes clear but dosent get placed much. Moo is smaller in size and build and is very fast. She was a rescue dog and arrived with no end of problems but agility has been the making of her, she loves it :msngrin: We have soooo much fun, have made loads of friends and the dogs are happy and get loads of exercise. Go for it :dogbiggrin:
  7. storm22 Experienced Member

    agility is great for both owners and dogs, you get fit along with your dog, its great team building with your dog and you learn to comunicate better using your bodies not just your hands or voice, my dogs love it and ive gotten fitter from it too lol
  8. snooks Experienced Member

    I meant to suggest checking with the vet if the dog is overweight just to be safe about how much to do how fast. Like any exercise program it's best to start slowly and work up. It will be so healthy for you dog and add years and loads of fun to his life.

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