Agility For Disabled and Elderly Dogs?

Discussion in 'Dog Sports' started by tenniskitty, Sep 3, 2009.

  1. tenniskitty Experienced Member

    Does anyone know of anything like that? Because Onyx is 8 years old, Jewel is six, and nearly blind by now. Jewel is a really HIGH jumper, Onyx has SO much energy, but minor arthritis in her hips. I have talked to some people about it, and they told me to keep them away from certain obstacles, and I wanted your intake on this...? What do you think? I made a jump for them this summer. It's adjustable. I have a HILARIOUS pic of Onyx's attempt at the second bar! It won't let me upload it here, too big. Jewel has done really well with it, she can jump, and I've been working with her for 3-4 years on things that area lot like the thing that goes like this /-\ (What's it called?! LOL) so she shouldn't have TOO much problem with that! It's the tunnels and teeter totter I'm not sure about...? But also, the other people said to keep her off those /-\ things. Because of her eye sight. Anyone, I am open to any ideas/suggestions... THANKS!!!:doglaugh:

  2. fickla Experienced Member

    My guess is that your /-\ is the Aframe, unless it goes more like /---\ in which case it is the dog walk :)

    I would talk to your vet about what they think your dogs can do. I know a lot of people do continue to run their dogs in agility for quite a long time. Silvia Trkman believe it is what keeps her dogs healthy for so long, I think Lo is like 12yrs old and still competes!

    I have no idea of what to tell you, but many people around here with older dogs lower the jump heights alot and some even put the bar on the floor so the dog still has to do all the handling stuff but joints aren't stressed. The contact obstacles do put a lot of impact on the dogs, but the dog walk is less than the aframe.... tunnels shouldn't be any problem :)
  3. tenniskitty Experienced Member

    I just know how Jewel is. She gets really nervous if something is above her, that is why I'm concerned about tunnels. Next time our girls have their check-ups, we will ask the vet. Onyx can jump, but we lower it for her. Jewel doesn't run... SO she stands next to the 24" bar and jumps over it without touching it, which always baffles me... Silly girl! Thanks for your help Fickla!
  4. szecsuani Experienced Member

    Consult with a vet at first, ask him if she is able to do such things. Mostly when a dog is old, they are not suggested to do the following thing (mostly because these destroy their joints):
    -high jumps (run with poles on the ground, if necessary)
    -A-frame and dog-walk, see-saw (it can be dangerous too, they can fall down, and they can have more serious injuries than a young dog can)

    Dogs usually LOVE the tunnels, they usually thing that those are the funniest obstacles. :)
  5. snooks Experienced Member

    A puppy agility class uses baby obstacles that and adult dog can use and they are the same but in miniature. my 6 yo golden went through puppy agility with my puppy b/c he didn't know agility yet it was great fun. puppy classes are designed to be safe and low imact to fragile bodies. it didn't bother me or him a bit that he was the oldest guy there, in fact he was pretty popular. you can also get baby obstacles on line at places like and the store here has some great links.

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