aggresive dachsund


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My wife and I just adopted a dachsund from a woman who didn't have the time for him. However he isn't getting along too well with my border collie, Paisley. My Bc wants to play and even when the dachsund snapped at him he wagged his tail and thought it was playing. I swear that big ol' goof head just doesn't understand aggression. Anyway I have been working with the two of them and Paisley is starting to leave him alone as he gets used to him. And the dachsund (gotta name him) is starting to accept Paisley. They even played for a minute, until Paisley stepped on him, and then the teeth came out. Just wondering if anyone had any ideas. I have been working for a few days and we are definately making progress but just wondered about any similar experiences. Neither have been neutered which could obviously be a contributing factor to the dachsunds agression. We are discussing altering one or both dogs.


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Depending on their ages (if they are mature adult dogs) there's only about a 60% chance that neutering either will change the behavior. I advocate neutering anyway to prevent cancers related to testosterone unless you are showing or breeding the dogs. It's probably more realistic to expect that some considerable training and behavior guidance on your part will be necessary. Dogs don't grow out of or get over things without guidance by their humans.

I would attach a leash to the doxie with the loop cut so it won’t get caught on anything. This providing ur dog wouldn't follow and hurt him. this gives you a non-confrontational neutral way to take the leash calmly and walk the doxie to another room with no negative contact or emotion to do some obedience with treats. the other dog gets the same treatment regardless who you think started what. since there is no punishment it's not unfair. Separating them temporarily will also help ensure this behavior toward one another doesn't become habituated. that would be much much harder to solve.

when we got our current 4 yo as a puppy she was a little terror. i never knew my older dog could growl until we got her. he was too rough in disciplining her so we went to a behaviorist and this is what she recommended. so for many months the dogs wore leashes around the house and we did not leave them alone unattended. we learned to recognize the body language and we trained by separating them and doing some short positive obedience for about 1-3 minutes. this served to redirect and distract but was rewarding and fun while establishing you do what I want and it's fun too.

it took several months but it did work. with two adult dogs i would not allow any more aggression to occur until you figure out why the doxie is going ballistic. and if it’s really fear/anxiety based etc. a good behaviorist will want to see both dogs interact and will figure out why the dogs are behaving that way and offer solutions. the why is probably the most important thing to determine before a workable solution can be implemented.

i had a GSD mix rescue that would squeal and attack if one of our other dogs accidently stepped on her and it was a fear reaction. so there are a lot of reasons the doxie could be doing this esp if he was under socialized. I suggest a behaviorist (ABS certified) and a socializing class or two with a positive trainer for the doxie. if he doesn't know how to interact he needs to learn so he can be happy and confident with other canines he sees throughout his life. he doesn't need to be isolated any more but he needs a little help it sounds like. ideally the trainer would be experienced with shy or unsocialized dogs.

behaviorists can be found at or or at most large vet med university teaching facilities. positive trainers can be found at most of the trainers in apdt are positive but you do need to call and talk and interview them. I am very impressed with a Karen Pryor clicker trainer I go to now and do privates at my house. If there is one near you I heartily recommend them, the training is impressive.

if there's not a behaviorist near u call the nearest one and ask for referrals for trainers and other behaviorists. go to and look at the local and national doxie clubs and doxie rescue. they also can refer you to good trainers and resources. all of these people are very giving of their time and always answered me when i called or emailed.

good luck with ur little guy. it sounds like he's lucky you got him out of a bad situation. I also really think u might get something out of learning canine body language. I love turid rugaas's book/DVD combination On Talking Terms with Dogs, Calming Signals. All of her books are great.


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i saw this video of a situationally aggressive doxie and thought of this post. great videos on the entire site. go to and scroll down to the 2 vids of managing a dog with situational aggression. be sure also if u try a gentle leader to watch the 4+ vids on this site to positively introduce this head harness to ur dog. don't be tempted 2 put it right on.