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  1. trickdogwoof Well-Known Member

    A couple of weeks ago, a resident at one of my properties moved out, left their dog, and left no forwarding/contact information. None of the neighbors wanted to take her in, so she came home with me and Milo. She is a small terrier/scruffy type dog, about 12 lbs. I took her to the vet, vet said she was about 10 years old, she needed to be groomed, takes allergy medicine, needs a lot of dental work.
    At first, I was happy to help her out, she was scared, and not at all familiar with being part of a family. She has come out of her shell now, but is not quite fitting in. Milo and I take a lot of walks, a lot of training, he's part of the family. She (Rosie) is not interested in taking part of any of this, and Milo doesn't care for Rosie (not aggressive, but just not interested in being friends - he's more of a people dog).
    I find myself not taking Milo out as much to keep Rosie company, or taking them both out together, and not being able to do all of the things that we used to do together - he now have an older dog along with us, and she's not interested in joining in. She just doesn't fit in with what we do.
    I know if I take her to the pound, they will put her to sleep (she's old, has missing/bad teeth, a small bump on her nose (a cyst; the vet says its non-cancerous)... I don't think anyone would adopt her.
    So... what should I do? I don't want to be responsible for the dog being put to sleep, but cannot fit her in to out life. Advice?
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  2. southerngirl Honored Member

    Milo and Rosie don't have to like each other, as long as they don't fight I don't see a problem because my two dogs don't care for each other. Also just because Rosie doesn't like what you do doesn't mean you can't do them, just don't involve her. That's what I do with Missy and Chase, I do lots of activities w/ Missy and leave Chase to chill and I make sure that I do something with Chase separate that he enjoys. If Rosie isn't okay with chilling at the house while your with Milo find her a new home.
  3. MaryK Honored Member

    I agree Southerngirl, Rosie and Milo don't have to like each other or do the same things. So long as they don't fight, don't worry.

    Zeus and Ra Kismet get along well but they don't do the same things. I have to take Ra Kismet for his long walk, then due to age, Zeus for a short toddle around the block. Ra Kismet does a whole load of trick work, whilst Zeus, who wasn't interested for ages but has now decided he wants to learn more tricks, does some simple easy ones. Just live your life, Rosie will be happy doing what she wants to do and leaving you and Milo to carry on as usual.

    If you really have to find her a new home, then a NO KILL shelter is best, or advertise for a home. There are lots of people who will take in and prefer an older dog.
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  4. Mutt Experienced Member

    I think you have to figure out for yourself if you want the dog, not because of pity, but really just for yourself as a second dog.
    If this is not the case I would find her a new home (taking her to the pound wouldn't be an option in my opinion).
    Older people would be very happy with a lowenergy dog who can spend her last years with them.

    Although I do like that my dogs really are best friends for life, I don't see a problem in Rosy and Milo just living with each other.

    In the meantime or if you do want to keep her, try getting a buggy or something:
    This way you can take longer walks, but when she has had enough she can get in the buggy and go to sleep/just enjoy the ride. If she doesn't like 'braintraining' (tricktraining/searching etc.) than you can choose not to do them and just do them with Milo. Some dogs just don't feel the need or 'need' this kind of exercise in general.
  5. jackienmutts Honored Member

    First, thanks so much for taking in this poor little soul. It saddens me that people just leave their pets behind like unwanted trash, yet they do. :( The fact that she shows no interest in anything (at least yet), doesn't surprise me. She's most likely showing as much interest in her surroundings as her family has shown in her thru the years - little to none. She probably doesn't have any idea what fun training, walks, etc, can even be. She may also still be a bit shut down, only going thru her motions, getting by.

    Excellent words from everyone. Your dogs don't have to be friends. I had two dogs for years, who basically shared space - they were clearly not best friends. I didn't walk them together, they didn't play together - and yet, they didn't fight and co-existed just fine together. Both were rescues, as all my dogs have always been. My older guy had lost his best friend and soul mate, and when I brought in my girl, he kinda said "hi" and that was that. She was very blase' about him too - so the feeling was very mutual. I didn't care, as long as they got along. We did all do fun stuff together (hikes, the park, stuff like that - but they were clearly not two dogs together).

    I think you should make a decision as to whether you can let this dog remain in your family. Dogs don't need everything "even-Steven" like people do. Unlike people, dogs don't keep score (thank goodness!!). You can walk Milo like normal, go about your training, just do what you do. Sure, take her for a walk - but if she's more comfortable just laying in a corner watching you and Milo do your thing, and not participate, then let her be. Think about it - have you ever been to a big party and noticed a few people sitting off to the side, talking quietly while others are acting crazy and being the center of attention? Or some people prefer not to even go to parties? We're all different - same with dogs. She may not know how to participate, or at least yet. Two weeks isn't a lot of time to really get to know a dog, especially an older adult dog. I guarantee you, she's not totally out of her shell yet.

    You figure out what you want - and once you decide, the whole situation will be easier. In the meantime, just let her be who she is. Don't feel guilty about continuing your life with Milo. Do your walks, your training, your fun stuff. Do make some quiet time to spend with Rosie - sit with her, take her for a short walk each day. And let her find her way. Her family just walked out on her. My bet - she's feeling very confused right now, and is just trying to get by.
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  6. trickdogwoof Well-Known Member

    I realized that I don't have enough time and attention to devote to Rosie. I took her by the shelter where she was last adopted, they told me that they will try to find her a new home for the next 7 days. After that, they'll give me a call and I can pick her up before they do anything. I'll pick her up and find her a new home myself.
    When I first found her, she was bone-thin, shaking, smelly, filthy and scared. After overfeeding for the last 10 days, lots of walks (she can walk a LOT, just not very fast, our longest walk was a few miles, even went to the beach), lots of loving, when I left her, her tail was up and wagging, she was clean, well fed, and pretty happy.
    I don't understand how someone could leave their dog, especially one that has been around for 10 years - thats a long time for a dog to be part of a family just to be left behind, and no one deserves that.
    Thanks for the replies and suggestions.
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