A two dog trick


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I have two Brittany's. I would love to teach them a trick that involves both of them. One of them is very young so it would need to be something simple starting off. Does anyone have any ideas, or know any videos I could watch? Thanks!


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i have two dogs so i wanted to involve them both, a german shepherd and a jack russel. i thought i would start out with something simple as the jack russel isn't the nicest dog towards the shepherd. the shepherd already knows how to lie down well, so i got her in a down position and got her to hold it. the jack russel i then got to jump over her with the word 'over'. i started with a lead holding the jack russel and then progressed to the point of being able to say 'over' when the shepherd is in a down position and the jack russel could be at the other end of the house but she would come running and jump over the other dog.

i hope i helped you with this simple idea.
but of course one of the dogs must be trained to stay in a down position alraedy, my shepherd kept getting up put i kept making her lie down. she learnt in the end.

its also fun once they learn with one dog to borrow your friends dogs and make then lie down in the line and make one jump over all of them


to prevent problems at a later stage have been teaching the dogs to "share" With a medium size toy have them both hold it in a quiet mouth and run around different things in the yard or whatever. Good for tiring them out when the run together around the perimetre of the house or if i want to join just herd in a neat circle 10-15 repatitions. Are alot better behaved with chews/bones when they are laying close. No jealousy or fighting :)