A small trickster


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Hi! I am Jaana and I am here because of my dacshund Prana. I have had several dogs but she one that loves tricktraining more than any dog I have owned. It might have to do with the fact that I have turned fully to marker training now.

I have loved dogs and wanted to know more about training them since I can remember. The first dog I trained was a little mutt that was born the same day as I was and we both were 10 years old at the time. He lived with my grandparents and lived to be 14 years old. At the time I was using "oldschool" methods but Suli learned anyway.

Over the years I have had a GSD, rottie, french bulldog and a doberman. We currently have a second doberman and two dachshunds between me and my significant other and three kids living with us (5 and 2 years and 5 months). I have sniffed obedience, IPO (like SchH) and agility.